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  • For some reason, for users without the Administrator role (such as Editors) it breaks certain REST API requests in really weird ways which in turn breaks the editor. Even though caching is set to Off for logged in users. The only way to fix it that I know of without deactivating the plugin is to turn off the Cache System setting or to make the user an Administrator.

    For example API requests that should return JSON instead are wrapped in HTML and are returned as text/html which broke certain features for our editors in the block editor.

    Also, it will remove your Google Analytics script completely if you turn on minification and grouping of JS. The script tag will just disappear. We wasted a few hours on that too.

    Performance is important to me so I loved the idea of this plugin but it is really unfortunate that it is breaking core functionality (even with the default settings!).

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  • Plugin Author adeelkhan


    Could you please verify that is there any console error shows in the Network tab of your application?

    Thread Starter sathoro


    @adeelkhan Yes in the admin interface there were Javascript errors due to the responses being malformed. It said “The response is not a valid JSON response.” because it was being returned as text/html and the response was wrapped in HTML tags due to Breeze messing with the API response for some reason. I tested this on a brand new WordPress installation. It broke some functionality in the Gutenberg editor mostly. You can test it by creating a user with the Editor role, logging in as them, and doing some actions in Gutenberg editor.

    For the problem I mentioned where it was removing the analytics script there was no console error, it just removed the script entirely.

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