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    I moved from Godaddy to Bluehost because the latter was rated so highly here. Mistake. First I built a mirror site on Bluehost with a temporary URL, to minimize downtime. It was, in fact, even better than the original.

    I imported stuff through WordPress (only to rediscover Links don’t export/import with their categories, even with an OPML plugin). Then, following Bluehost’s instructions and live “help” everything broke. Posts were renumbered, images broken, links broken, and more. I spoke with no fewer than 7 support guys, and one “level 2” support person, apparently only reachable by email.

    Long story short. They don’t know WordPress. Now I’m two days into this stupid process and starting over with a new database.


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    1 step – make dump of your wp database
    2 step – backup (download) all files from host1
    3 step – upload all your files (downloaded from host1) to host2
    4 step – exec your mysql dump into new database

    Check out the detailed directions here



    You can actually ask your host to help you migrate the website too.



    You can actually ask your host to help you migrate the website too.

    Correct, I know that Bluehost will help you with any steps you need, they just won’t do it ‘for’ you. And they’re available by phone, chat, or email 24/7.



    Personally when I move a wordpress site to bluehost I install using their simple scripts, then replace the wp-content directory with my backup from the site, then import the backup of the database into the one simple scripts creates. Then everything is done.



    Surely they offered you a migration service for free?



    Surely they offered you a migration service for free?

    No, most ‘shared-hosting’ companies do not move your files for you, at least not for free. But I know Bluehost can help to walk you through it, if you call them.

    I’m on and am happy with them and that doesn’t mean you have to be. I’ve got my own problems with a site I just migrated from Bluehost to a mom & pop webhost. I talk about my problem here.

    I am looking at using this plugin called Duplicator for migrating WordPress websites in the future. I have not used it myself. It seems very easy thorough at the same time.

    You will see some others write/blog about it.

    If it helps use it.

    Good Luck

    Well, thanks for all the good advice, folks.

    I finally got a Bluehost tech support person named Katrina who’d once been a database manager. Awesomely helpful and genuinely interested in my problem, but it did take 8 or 9 tries and much frustration to arrive at someone with her skill set.

    I guess my mistake was trusting Bluehost’s staff before the WordPress Codex. As I’d seen Bluehost “promoted” on I assumed they’d make the process a breeze. Lesson learned; I’m unsure why they’re held is such high regard, as thousands of other hosting companies are available.

    Anyhow, I’m still doing cleanup, but the worst of the disaster is over. Thanks again, people.



    Stay away from Bluehost. I have an account for 4 years on the Shared Server. I moved to a Private Server because my traffic was growing and not adequately supported by shared server. What a Mistake. I didn’t know BLuehost had just stared offering VPS and weren’t ready for the business. My VPS crashed, it has been 3 days and my site is still down.

    The backup Bluehost maintains is on the same server that crashed and obviously they are having problem using the backup from a server that crashed. The reason for the crashed I was told was a procedure done on the VPS that is NOT designed for VPS. SO they opend up the VPS business without having procedures for it. They are still figuring out what to do, there are others site down for the same reasons. It took me 4 years to built up a profitable site and they’re screwing it up like this.

    At this point I just want my site up and am moving to a different hosting, even if it is more expensive.

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