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  • Apples and oranges come to mind. If you sit down and clearly define what you want and need for a set of tools to manage your site(s), then you will have a basis for comparison.

    Didnt know about this blogware, and from what I can read on the Feature pages, it looks pretty good and seems to have a lot in common with WP. One thing I’d like to know, just being curious, is how it compares with WP on a MySQL and CPU matter. One thing it seems totally owned at by WP is the community though, which is IMO part of the important features of a blogware.

    I wrote an article about that new blogthingy 🙂
    As it is in German, i’ll give you a quick summary:
    Without having it tried out and only looking at their feature list including the rest of their website, i conclude, that it is not worth to migrate from wordpress to blog:cms. They do not offer a single (important) thing that is not yet possible with wordpress, except for WYSIWYG-editing (would be simple to add via htmlarea or via the live preview plugin) and multi-blog-support (which is not an issue if you can afford copying your wordpress-folder over and over and use different database-prefixes).
    The only thing that bugs me is, that blog:cms seems to have a better plugin-support (not with plugins but support for plugins i mean). I base all my hope on the upcoming wordpress 1.3 release to deliver a better “api” 🙂
    If I am missing an important point why blog:cms should be better than wordpress, please correct me…

    *sigh* *big heavy sigh* Are we *really* going to have this discussion – which will degrade into an arguement given time – AGAIN?

    Awr? I didn’t realize there was something called BLOG:CMS when I wrote that last comment, I thought Anon was lokking for opinions on using a blog for CMS…..

    Well, I do not think the developers want to help people migrate from other tools.

    So BLOG:CMS has 50x more functionality than WP … ok, where? Maybe out of the box, but in the end?
    As a sidenote: this literarymoose wrote something for blog:cms? And Radek is referencing him in his “r-i-p wordpress”-posting, right? And i thought literarymoose is against open source in every way … whatever … from the comments on your blog it looks like the author is also not very community-friendly … but again, these are only my first impressions of him …

    well, he did not like me posting questions i had about the tool on that forum. and well he considered asking questions scrEEming. I still am not sure since when asking questions because scrEEming in czech language.
    What I felt is that he was afraid so many questions about that tool in the forum will get a new user afraid…
    OMG, so many questions. This thing would be tough to use. Because even though he claims to have 16000 blogs. There are hardly 1000 posts on the forums. 🙂

    Blog:CMS seems to be largely based on Nucleus. I saw it yesterday (referenced by someone on another blog) (of course), and the first thing that caught my attention about the demo was the fact that there even was /nucleus/ in the URL. Funny. Of course, anyone can fork of any Open Source project, but I don’t see much of an improvement over Nucleus.
    I’ll stick with WP for now, thank you very much =]

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    That support forum thread and post on your blog is pretty intense, but remember everyone gets a short thread sometimes. I feel spoiled by these forums now too. 🙂

    well. the good thing about WP is that Wiki is so much developed that to search for something I do not have to go through a bible. It is a blog tool that promised to work out of the box and it did not. So, am i expected to read the entire FAQs just to get the thing working?
    Even Linux do not require me buying a manual and read it. I got it working with the help of support forums and no one told me to go buy Linux for dummies and labelled me a troll.



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    Yeah, I’d like to echo how lucky we are that there are lots of patient experienced Wp users out there who will help willingly and that the devs are also so willing to help and enjoy what they are doing so much.

    I installed it to try it on a new blog I’m testing. I couldn’t get past the skin switcher thing. See?
    In my opinion the ego on the creator is unbelievable to me. Yes, thank you for making the program and now get over yourself about it. The people on the forums here at least try to help and aren’t rude to everyone when they don’t get their ring kissed! I have a real problem with some of the things on the forum that were said to others hoping to get help as well as some things in the install files and conversion files. Amazing.
    I have uninstalled that program and put WP in place of it. I had WP installed and wanted to see what the other one was all about. Luckily I hadn’t posted anything to the blog as it’s a test blog, so no harm done.
    Seems to me that the creator is young or just very excitable. Doesn’t explain things very clearly in the install either. If I didn’t know how to install WP I would have been lost installing this.
    Just my opinions, don’t hang me out to dry! I really love WP and everyone here knows it. 😉 Y’all are great with the help if you know the answers.

    Sometimes I am given to wondering whether the forums aren’t polite and nice due to the lack of one-big-doc.
    Not an excuse for not having that one-big-doc, just a thought.
    For one, we don’t see many RTFMs around here. 🙂

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