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    I made a STUPID mistake. in the admin options, i changed the wordpress URI instead of my blog URI….VERY VERY STUPID!!! now i can’t access my admin panel. instead it redirects me…and i cant fix it!!! i even uploaded everything new, but kept my same database options. same thing happens still. HELP!!!!!!!

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  • The easy fix is dont use the link to the admin panel. Instead manualy type in the URL (/wp-admin/) and change it back.

    You can use phpmyadmin to reset the values

    ive been trying to access my admin panel through (/wp-admin/). thats when it redirects me.

    and i cant use phpmyadmin. this is just a subdomain

    Maybe this would help you:

    I have not tried it myself tho

    If you have cPanel, maybe you can go in and edit your wp-config.php file? Would that make things worse? It would force WP to reassess the URLs, wouldn’t it?

    the medic thing isnt gonna work (i tried it). and why would i need cPanel to edit wp-config.php? cant i do that in dreamweaver? well anyway, i tried to..but couldnt find anything pertaining tomy problem =\

    and i cant use phpmyadmin. this is just a subdomain

    Then ask the domain owner to help you – based on the link above.

    yeah, i have. its just i want to get it done, and he prolly cant help me until tmw, or maybe even monday.

    why would i need cPanel to edit wp-config.php? cant i do that in dreamweaver?

    The reason I suggest editing in cPanel is because usually you have access to it unless you don’t own the domain running the subdomain. Why involve Dreamweaver when you can use cPanel, where you can edit it right on the server.

    And wouldn’t editing wp-config.php help in this instance? I am not sure and I don’t want to be blamed for making matters worse. (If that’s possible.)

    Good luck to you. You will need it.

    whoa whoa whoa…i was just asking. i was confused about why you suggested it. i’m kinda new to this whole thing, incase you havent noticed. i was just wondering why use cpanel, thats all. i’m sorry if it came across as rude. i really didnt mean it to be such.

    and i didnt say i couldnt use http://FTP...

    Well, it’s a moot point because it doesn’t look like the wp-config.php file will help in your case. All it does is reset the database, user and user password. That’s no help here.

    And you say you cannot access PHPMyAdmin? So therefore you don’t have cPanel access, do you? Is there any way, other than FTP, that you can access your site?

    nope, just FTP. i’m not the domain owner.

    well, i’m not quite sure i can fix this myself. i already emailed my host to help me, but like i said, i probably can’t get his help until tomorrow or monday, and i’d rather not wait that long. but if that’s my only option, then i guess i’ll wait it out.

    How much energy have you invested in this site? Were you just setting it up or did you have a design in place and many blog entries? (To where it may be more feasible to just nuke the database and start anew.)

    You don’t have any backups or mysql dumps laying around, do you?

    yeah, i was just switching from cutenews to wordpress. and i hadn’t done much in my wordpress, so i just asked my host to clear my database tables. the reason why i keep coming back here however is hoping theres another way i can fix this now, because like i said before, i really want to get a move on it. i’ve basically finished desiging the site, but now i need wordpress to make the pages and create my own theme.

    Well, if you want to start over, you can re-FTP your wp-config.php file and then navigate to wp-admin/install.php and it will reinstall itself. If you have your design in a subdirectory of /wp-content/themes/, WP will not disturb those files. It will only add the two that ship with it, Default (Kubrick) and Classic (ugh). Then you can keep working on your design and site structure (installing plugins, setting up pages, categories, the sidebar, links, etc.).

    I know how you feel about wanting to keep working to get the site set up and it seems like these kind of things happen when we are right in the middle of a major milestone.

    And once you do get back up on your feet, go ahead and install Skippy’s database backup plugin. You can have it mailed to yourself. This plugin is tailor made for someone in your shoes, who doesn’t have access to their database files. This way, you can periodically create backups and store them on your hard drive for these such occasions.

    Download Skippy’s plugin here:

    Good luck. I’m off to sleep!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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