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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m Alex from USONYX ( We are an HSP and want to
    start providing WP hosting.
    If you have any experience in providing public Blog service powered
    by WP, please give me some suggestions:
    1. Which Plugins to use?
    2. Which Templates to add?
    3. Configuration/Settings suggstions?

    Would be very helpful.


    Alex Gontcharov
    Email: alex[at]
    Singapore Broadband Hosting Service

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  • Hi Alex,
    No wonder the company name looks so familiar. Yes, I have seen your company name in Digital Life magazine. Another fellow Singaporean. Welcome! 😉

    For plugins, there are simply too much so satisfy everyone! It would not be practical to install all the plugins. I feel that it will be good to provide information and reviews on how each WP plugins does and provide a link for users to download. Installing a plugin is very simple. Just upload and activate. No hacking, no modification.

    A few plugins you can consider is the SPAM plugins to stop spam comments. I will leave this for others to comment on the best one.

    An image browsing plugins to allow users to add images to their post. I recommend this:

    WP 1.5 comes packaged with classic and default template, which I feel is good enough. For more templates, it will be good for users to customise their own. Building a theme is as easy as porting your existing website layout to the header, footer includes and the index.php file.

    There is nothing much to configure for WP. The only thing to configure is perhaps your customised theme and “clean URL” (Permalink)

    Here’s a few resources, if you haven’t seen them already:

    WordPress Plugin Repository

    WordPress Codex

    Thanks for suggestions.

    I was thinking to provide:
    1. WYSIWYG
    2. WordPress Plugin Manager v.1.4
    3. Auth Image

    Regarding Theme. I think default WP theme needs Calendar.
    It seems that most of new 1.5 themes do not have Calendar at all.
    For some reason…

    Anything else we should include?

    The CG-PowerPack has some cool options… 😉

    CG-Amazon provides live product data, CG-Feedread is a lightweight RSS aggregator, and more… I bundle it into a package because many of the systems share some underlying code (Amazon and Feedread share a custom XML-retriever/parser, for example). But could break out individual stuff if needed.


    Moderator James Huff


    Everyone needs some form of spam protection:

    So we add AuthImage:
    Is this enough to fight Comment Spam?

    I would definately agree with adding wp-plugin manager. It makes adding new ones by the user far more straight forward.

    add wp-hashcash to the list – it’s the only thing in addition to the built-in wp list that I use to combat spam – so far….i don’t get any (please don’t send me any either!).

    You could also try kitten’s spaminator and spamwords in addition, spam karma – I find most of these tools overkill and problematic myself, but many swear by their performance at combating spam.

    Other plugins you could add include quick comment tags, which you can grab from (I think) which basically turns the text which informs the user what tags they can use in comments, into buttons like in your admin panel. Of course this may end up confusing the user as the result requires customisation via css to make sure the buttons fit the theme.

    As for which templates to add, this is down to general preference I guess – I would suggest picking the most easily customisable themes – you know, the one where a user can just change the header and call it their own sort of thing. Or maybe easily change a few colours. Stick in a few simple, minimalistic themes, and you can also add a few which are slightly bolder in colour and design.

    WPBlacklist!! and Kitten Spaminator. Not Spam Karma.

    calendar can be inlcuded by means of inclusion of coding.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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