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  • I’ve used several interactive charting plugins for WP (including some paid), and this is by far THE BEST, especially if you are already familiar with HighCharts. The backend UI is SUPER clean and easy to understand. The live preview of the charts is super handy, as well as the spreadsheet view/import feature.

    I was able to customize (nearly) everything using a custom m-chart theme. The only things that get messy are data labels and legend. The ticked boxes in the m chart UI will override any enable/format options in a theme, so just be aware of that. That being said, it makes the leap from a very robust tool like highcharts to WP super easy.

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  • Plugin Author methnen


    I appreciate the super nice feedback on M Chart.

    It’s a bit of a labor of love on my part so the occasional kudos is always appreciated. 🙂

    As for the UI controls overriding something in a theme, that actually shouldn’t happen. Theme stuff is applied AFTER the base chart values and settings have all been generated.

    It’s the last thing done before the chart values are output into the Javascript for the given chart.

    I’d be curious to see what issue you ran into with regards to this.

    In any case thanks again for the very nice feedback.

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    Oh, really?? Hmmm… That was what I was anticipating, but didn’t work out that way.

    More details about what was happening for me: When I had dataLabels (either on series or plotOptions.{type}) set-up in the theme, everything would be applied except enabled or format. Say if I had the dataLabels not enabled in the theme, but the box was ticked in the UI, the labels would still appear (and vice versa). Also, none of the formatting that I would detail in the theme would apply to the dataLabels, like {point.y}% or whatever. Likewise prob for the legend. I couldn’t get format to trigger from the theme or enabled to apply.

    All that being said, styles, alignment, etc. worked for those options, as well as everything else I needed to customize. Any insight would be cool (I’m not like an expert in WP, Highcharts, PHP, or anything really).

    Bottomline though: awesome plugin!

    Plugin Author methnen


    Hmm… I’ll have to take a look.

    Do you still have a theme and chart data you could send my way that I could experiment with?

    Feel free to email me anything:

    jamie AT

    Format though I can answer on since that essentially requires a function and those can’t be passed through a PHP array/object into the JS which is just a limitation of having the themes exist in PHP first.

    I’ve spent some time thinking about it and just haven’t yet worked out a way to deal with it that doesn’t have it’s own issues.

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