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  • Welcome to the WP eCommerce forums. Please read this post before opening a new topic:

    Prior to posting please search the forums

    Stay up to date for compatibility and security.

    It’s important to stay up to date. WordPress makes changes that at times require plugins to also make adjustments so that things all stay compatible as well as staying secure.

    If you’re having trouble we strongly advise the following steps to ensure you’re store is working again as quickly as possible.

    • If your store is currently working MAKE A BACKUP! RIGHT NOW! Having a current working backup is the safest way to ensure you have a plan if things go wrong. We recommend BackupBuddy. A backup will allow you to restore to a working store quickly if things break.
    • Make a note of the versions you CURRENTLY have installed prior to an upgrade. Knowing what was installed prior to an upgrade can greatly help knowing what may have happened or at least where to start looking. Make not of WordPress, WP eCommerce and Gold Cart Versions.
    • Be aware of changes… Adding new plugins, changing themes, upgrading can all have effects on the functionality of the entire site. This is just how it works and sometimes things don’t play well together. Make note of any time ANYTHING is changed so you can disable that quickly to see if that is causing the problem.
    • Update any plugins built for WP eCommerce

    We strongly urge you to have a fresh backup and if possible test all updates on a local or staging version of your site BEFORE applying updates to the live site.


    • Disable all NON WP eCommerce Plugins
    • Switch to a default WordPress theme such as 2016 -2017
    • Go to Admin > Settings > Store > Presentation and click Flush Theme Cache (If you skip this step you will not reveal if your theme is causing a conflict.)
    • If you are using any cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache delete the cache before disabling it.
    • Clear your browser cache

    Once these steps are complete please test your store. If the problem is gone you have a conflict. You can test what plugin is causing the conflict by turning each plugin back on one at a time and testing until the problem returns.

    If the conflict does not return with all plugins enabled your theme is most likely causing a conflict. Enable your theme and again Flush Theme Cache test your store. If the problem has returned your theme is causing the conflict.

    Premium Support
    Premium support is available via our website for all users that have an active License for any of our plugins.

    Free support is provided here by our community of users. Support staff review topics posted here but ability to provide support is limited. The concept here is to share knowledge from the community and help one another.

    If you are a developer or feel brave you can try testing the yet to be released branch by installing WP eCommerce Beta Tester (DO NOT USE ON LIVE SITES) or downloading directly from Github

    If you decide to open a new topic, use this template:

    • Store URL (needed to observe the issue being describe *BE AWARE THIS IS PUBLIC AND CAN NOT BE REMOVED*):
    • WordPress version:
    • WP eCommerce version:
    • Gold Cart version:
    • Theme:(optional)
    • I did this:(steps to observe the issue)
    • I expected this:

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