• Worse thing i ever did by installing this. , it deactivated my elentore plugins and changed the look of my front page to ugly page, i deactivated the plugin but i can’t get rid of ugly page. stayaway

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  • Plugin Author ndre


    Hi @rizzi,

    I apologize for the negative experience you’ve had with the WooCommerce Catalog Booster & Product Catalog Mode plugin.

    I would like to clarify a few points to ensure we’re addressing the correct plugin:

    1. Deactivation of Other Plugins: It’s important to double-check if the deactivation of other plugins was indeed caused by WooCommerce Catalog Booster. This is an unusual behavior for such a plugin, and it typically doesn’t interfere with the operation of other plugins. WooCommerce Catalog Booster doesn’t have any feature that could deactivate a different plugin.
    2. Front Page Appearance: WooCommerce Catalog Booster primarily focuses on modifying the appearance of WooCommerce pages, not the front page. It allows you to customize the display of your catalog, including options to disable or enable certain elements such as product prices or the add to cart button. However, it doesn’t have an option to affect the entire front page design.
    3. Deactivation Impact: When you deactivate a plugin, it should revert your website to its previous state without retaining any changes made by the plugin. If you’re experiencing persistent changes even after deactivation, it might be a separate issue that needs investigation. WooCommerce Catalog Booster doesn’t make any persistent changes to the website.

    If you’re certain that WooCommerce Catalog Booster is the source of the problems you’ve encountered, I recommend reaching out to the plugin’s support forum, where we can provide more specific assistance in resolving the issues you’ve described. It’s our goal to ensure that your experience with the plugin is a positive one, and we want to help you resolve any unexpected difficulties you’ve faced.

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