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  • Hi folks: I’ve been creating and managing WordPress websites for the last eight years and the backup question is one of the few I can’t answer.

    GoDaddy tells me that they backup my personal sites and will restore for a price but there is nothing in writing on their website.

    I have four government WordPress sites hosted by Bluehost but I can’t get an answer in writing from them either “but” they say that they do backup.

    On my personal sites, I have a backup plugin but I have no idea as to what it does besides provide an occasional Zip file.

    Then there is a backup service offered via JetPack but it’s $45.00 a month minimum for my three personal sites which make no money. That’s expensive.

    Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not mainstream hosting services provide dependable backup?

    Does anyone have an opinion/suggestion beyond $45.00 a month?

    I know that was a lot of reading-I apologize. Thanks for your time.

    Best, Len.

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  • Find out what the plugin does.

    You need to backup the wp-content folder and the database. Don’t forget the database, that’s where all the content (except for media uploads) is.

    Bluehost has a backup service that backups your sites, and you can restore from it. The only thing is they don’t guarantee it. In other words they don’t want you getting mad at them if they don’t have a backup you need. I always suggest you backup your own information just to make sure. When I backup my sites I just zip up the wp-content folder and export the database. That really has all the information you need.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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