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  • I’ve just starting using WordPress for my blog and am keen to backup the blog daily using PHPMyAdmin. I’ve read a few different guides to backing up in PHPMyAdmin, and have found a subtle difference between them.

    In the data section, some guides specify to tick “Complete Inserts” and “Hexidecimal…”.

    Other guides say to untick everything in the data box except for the data heading.

    I’m just wondering which is the correct way – or does it even matter?

    The last thing I want is to need to import my database to find it is invalid because I have either ticked/unticked the data boxes.

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  • Complete Inserts:
    It doesn’t hurt to have “Complete inserts” but not really necessary as the export will have the fields in a table in the proper order.


    “Complete inserts” adds the column names on every INSERT command, for better documentation (but resulting file is bigger)

    Use hexadecimal for binary fields:
    WordPress doesn’t have any binary fields that I can see but I would leave it checked. I believe that’s so binary data gets transferred as ASCII values.

    If you follow the “simple and easy backup” guide you better check some boxes you do not really understand.

    But if you go for the “more detailed instructions” you better uncheck everything. Understood? 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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