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  • yes

    usually in the body tag

    In many themes it’s an image. Give a link or at least tell which theme…

    Ive tried it but it only seems to affect part of the page, or something lol

    If you have access to the body tag, you can pass an ID or class to set the body background-color, which you specify in the style.css page. For example:

    body#red {
    body#blue {
    This would be true for just about any element, assuming you can set an ID on the body tag…but it requires that the body tag be available for editing in each Page or Category template.

    I’m new to this but have managed to set mine up for it, and have asked the question if it’s possible to pass an id for the body tag dynamically, but have had no replies indicating HOW, if possible.

    I’m all ears, btw, if anyone knows how to set the id of the <body> dynamically (on a link?)(without breaking anything else?)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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