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  • Looks fine on a 13inch macbook. What is the pixel dimensions of the bg image?

    It’s 1600×1024. Try decreasing the size of the page to see what I’m talking about.

    It’s 1600×1024.

    That’s your problem. It’s not larger then it displays on your page. If someones monitor is larger the ~1600×1024 they are going to see white, unless the BG image is repeated.

    I have other pages that have the exact same background but the image fills up the entire screen. All of my images are larger than the screen itself. I think it has something to do with the wordpress log-in CSS structure or the login.php code

    Make the HTML background your image. Still though, it’s not going to fill more then 1600×1024. Why would I lie to you?

    background: your image;

    Okay, just to show you that I’m not crazy, I’ve taken this image: (which is 2048×2048…much larger than my screen) and set it as the background of the login screen using the CSS that you provided, and I’m still seeing the exact same issue.

    No you didn’t. You’ve set it to the body again.

    Now there’s nothing there…could the css file be messed up?

    Nope. looks like it’s still working. Still no background applied to the HTML tag though.

    So what do you suggest I do to fix it?

    by the way, the directory was just moved to

    I suggest you apply the background to the HTML tag. I’ve said that a few times now 😉

    Is that within the CSS file? I copied/pasted exactly what you told me to earlier and it didn’t work. In fact, it gave me a plain white background!

    No. here is what you have:


    which is essentially:


    (nothing) and that’s how it’s rendered by the browser and fire bug. So that’s why it’s not showing up, and why I keep telling you to add it. Don’t get mad at me that you don’t know CSS syntax.

    You need:

    background-image: url(PATH TO YOUR IMAGE!!!!!!);

    WHen you come here asking CSS questions, I think we all assume you know the basics.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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