• I’m shocked this plugin doesn’t have more downloads and positive reviews. I have been searching a while for a plugin to remove header output from my site. There are many plugins that will do one or two but no free ones that offer all of them. I also am hesitant with altering my functions.php file or creating a child theme to do so. Using this plugin bypasses losing the settings upon theme update and the management overhead of child themes.

    For me this plugin is most useful to remove the extraneous header information that is not necessary for my websites such as… rss+xml, Comments Feed, wp-json, rsd+xml, wlwmanifest+xml, json+oembed, xml+oembed. I just use this plugin to disable header information but love the other capabilities.

    If you don’t have the technical knowledge to understand what you are disabling… then research it or don’t disable. You have the option of enabling/disabling at a granular level just as the one user proved with his 2 star rating. Some of the URL options can alter the pages people are used to accessing on your site. The 2 star rating proved they were not qualified to make the changes they did. Don’t blame the plugin, blame yourself!!

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