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    I have a Sony Aibo dog which has the ability to post to a blog. It can post to ATOM, Blogger API, Movable type or Metaweblog. I have tried posting to the blog (running locally for now) but the dog has trouble accessing the blog site. Does the standard wordpress installation support any of these functions or can I install them somehow?

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  • WordPress supports the Blogger, MovableType and metaWeblog APIs out of the box through it’s XMLRPC library. You can find some info on it here:

    (A support question about your dog posting to WordPress. Isn’t technology amazing?!)

    Thankyou! That almost worked. My dog can now login and recive the titile of my blog, so I am sure that it is all working now. However when trying to upload blog entries my dog reports the “uploading failed” I think this is now a issue with sone and the blog software spec. I think I am going to have to do a bit more digging! Hopefully I will have my blog running and published ASAP. When I do I will put a link in and you can have a look at what he writes!

    Thanks again!

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your Aibo’s blog. 🙂

    Sorry, I am so close now! He is quite happy uploading his blog using blogger API. But now he will not upload his photos. Any ideas?

    Just so you can get an Idea of what my dog is up to, his blog is As I say these entries should have photos with them, hopefully I will be able to get that sorted soon.


    But now he will not upload his photos. Any ideas?

    Wish I did. But I’ll see if I can flush out someone more knowledgable on the XMLRPC stuff.

    In the release of 2.0, XMLRPC uploading is broken, which is most likely the cause of your problem.

    I have tried the suggestions above with no luck. Any other suggestions? I have notices apache ofter referces .htaccess, but I don’t seem to have a file named that. I am running on Windows Server 2003, do you think this may be a permissions thing?

    Just for the Record, Kado (my dog) should be posting automatically now:

    Have fun!

    I would like to add to this thread. I have seen plugins for sale that capture RSS content and automatically create relevant blog posts via email to ones blog. A way to increase SEO, I suppose. However, these programs are expensive. Does anyone know of any low cost or free alternatives?

    Tmerr, you probably wanted to start a new thread specific to your topic. But, since we’re here…

    Thank You 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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