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  • Is there any steps / settings I can try to turn on the automatic plugin installing / core updating if the FTP method is defaulting which I assume is because it detects the host is not compatible.

    I’m currently hosting with and have a decent amount of access to change things such as php settings etc. I just need to know what to look for / change.

    The settings that WordPress checks to determine if it turns on the easy method or FTP method would probably be a good starting spot, anyone know / know where I could find these?

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  • Any thoughts?

    Well I got WordPress 2.7 auto updates working at for anyone else that is hosting WordPress sites there the instructions are below.

    After you follow the instructions on this Knowledge Base Article automatic upgrades and plugin download / installs work great!

    In order to use the HTTP updates vs the FTP, WordPress has to have the same access to your files as your FTP user. In this case PHP-cgiwrap allows the PHP scripts to run under my username, which enabled the HTTP updating!


    thank you so much for this!
    I am also using, and was losing my mind trying the automatic upgrade, spinning for hours on end… then found this thread.

    I emailed support because of a missing directory, they responded within minutes… I just love this hosting service

    Now, the upgrade works without a glitch!

    This is great! Thanks! I was able to get it to work by creating an additional ftp login for wordpress within my account and making the default dir for this login as my wordpress root dir. Is there another way to do this without having a special ftp login for wordpress? Can you specify the directory somewhere?

    Very happy to find this here, thanks for the help!

    Can any give a step-by-step HOW TO on this. I’m also hosting with PAIR but am not smart enough to figure this out without some more help. 🙂

    Sure be nice if I could get it to work though.

    Sweet, that worked.

    blw911 – if you’re not familiar with SSH, I’d stay away from this solution. Sometimes Pair is nice and will do this kind of thing for you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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