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    We have been experiencing slow response times and sometimes 502 errors. Our host, WP Engine, has been doing some testing and suggests the following:

    “I only checked into the issues on the live site and have not performed any debugging on it as it looks like there’s a large amount of auto-loaded data within the database. The largest amount of auto-loaded data are in tables labeled um_cache_userdata, which come from the ultimate-member plugin:

    62323 um_cache_userdata_122
    58638 um_cache_userdata_17
    46738 um_cache_userdata_24
    45284 um_cache_userdata_10
    41651 um_cache_fonticons
    40585 um_cache_userdata_23099
    36893 um_cache_userdata_15037
    34668 um_cache_userdata_1
    34196 um_cache_userdata_1080
    26608 um_cache_userdata_9913
    25052 um_cache_userdata_1206
    24074 um_cache_userdata_2
    23544 um_cache_userdata_10204
    22517 um_cache_userdata_1183
    21698 um_cache_userdata_22323

    Based on this:

    I highly recommend would be to reach out to the plugin developer of ultimate-member to see if they’re able to optimize the plugin when generating the userdata_cache entries into the database — this would be the best option based on the amount of users your site contains.”

    Can you help or is this something that would be appropriate for paid plug-in service?



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  • Ultimate Member > Dashboard > user Cache > ‘Clear Cache’.

    Can you help or is this something that would be appropriate for paid plug-in service?

    UM is free and does not have a paid service, only paid extensions.

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    Hello! The above suggestion is great for clearing for cache, but if this is a recurrent problem for you, you may want to disable caching entirely:

    Ultimate Member -> Settings -> Advanced -> Stop caching user’s profile data (switch to ON), then Save Changes.

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    Wow, these are both terrific bits of advise. Thank you so much for responding!

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