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  • MacItaly


    Hi Oleksandr,
    the plugin is promising but I would like a couple of features to be inserted and are about icon.
    First, should be useful to have an option to choice a different icon, may be different size, may be different picture as the current isn’t immediately clear, IMO and in some circumstance can be little or too mush big.
    Second, about icon position on front end, it need to have option to set the highness from top , because with a fixed one it can interfer with header.
    Of course I can hack the code but after, each time that the plugin is updated…
    I think that with those modifies your plugin can be a best “seller”.
    Ah, may be third feature can be to move the title link in administration from main menu to a submenu of settings or instruments, this can make it less invasive, this is a plugin set and forget, not one that need to have under hands often.
    Thanks in advance for your time and support.


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  • Plugin Author Oleksandr Lysyi


    Hi, MacItaly!
    Thank you for your feedback, it’s really important for me. Reviews make product better.
    Some features, that you describe – it’s my plans for next version. Yes, I want make appearence (first of all), most flexible.

    About icons – I want to provide possibility for admin to select one of few default icons, but uploading own picture – it’s a nice idea.

    Also I want to provide few default positions of sidebar and icon, like a slide from left side of screen, etc.

    Thank you again. I will to implement functionality that you describe in the next version.
    With best regards!


    Oleksandr – please find in WordPress’ plugin archive phrase “font resize” and analyze how other plugin authors gives to webmasters the control over the choice of content to resize. I think it would be useful to implement something similar into your plugin.

    Some sites for partially sighted users are made by partially sighted too. Maybe the ability to change the size of the text should also refer to the entire dashboard? Maybe other abilities too? Please imagine something like this: on/off switch with text “Option to control the dashboard”…

    I think you know the WCAG 2.0 document. I think that you could enter in future versions of your plugin some features for preserving WCAG rules – e.g. prohibition for images with empty alt attribute, prohibition for text-align:right etc. Of course every feature with own on/off switch.

    The first of this features in my opinion should be the switch for turning off all the CSS in the frontend – maybe only for preview, for checking how the site looks without styling, how it may behaves under a screenreader.

    MacItaly – second – you’re right, icon’s position should be controllable; third – you’re right for now, but thinking about partially sighted webmasters (and about big future plans above) I think about leaving ‘Accessibility spring’ in the first level menu.

    My respect for the developers thinking about accessibility.
    Regards guys

    Plugin Author Oleksandr Lysyi


    Hello, Michał!
    Thank you for helpful tips and your contributions. So, you are right about sometimes incorrect changing font size, and I will learning about this, and rewrite my code.
    Great idea to implement accessibility tools in Dashboard, but I need try it in action, and verify whether it’s needed.
    About possibility to adjust position of icon – yes, your offer accepted 🙂

    All, that was discussed above it’s nice, but to all of this I need time to implement. This plugin is not my main activity, this is why I make updates once to month when I have few free days.

    I did not think about incorrect changing font size, but about including more content to this process (titles etc.) and about make font size changing a disposable operation for the whole site (for now the user have to adjust the font size after every reloading or subpage loading).

    Time… of course – my plan is for years, not for weeks or months, so take it easy 🙂

    Please mail me at admin(at) I started to work on i18n of your plugin but came across some small problems.

    And I have one more request: it would be better to have two text colors – one for titles (“Change font size”, “Grayscale” etc.) and second for textes on buttons.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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