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    Great plugin. When i open the customizer, I see this error. I use the Total theme which also uses the customizer for it theme options.

    array(3) { [“customize_changeset_uuid”]=> string(36) “430abe1c-1c08-4221-af70-7ca8bb8a8c02” [“customize_theme”]=> string(5) “Total” [“customize_messenger_channel”]=> string(9) “preview-0” }

    Seems to be a conflict. Not a big fan of the WordPress Customizer strategy. Basically it sucks from a end user point of view. But it is there, so no choice. Wish you did not use it, but anyway, please fix this.

    Thanks and again nice plugin.

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  • Plugin Author wpmonks


    I have fixed the issue. Please update to latest version .

    You will no longer see this text ‘array(3) { [“customize_changeset_uuid”]=> string(36) “430abe1c-1c08-4221-af70-7ca8bb8a8c02” [“customize_theme”]=> string(5) “Total” [“customize_messenger_channel”]=> string(9) “preview-0” }’.

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