• I have a problem getting a valid API key to use. I have one for a different account I registered a while back, but it won’t work with the site I am currently using and when I try to get one with this account I’m sent straight back to the old one. The site isn’t hosted by wordpress so what do I do? I need the API key to get a plugin to work, but it tells me I can only have the old one that doesn’t work.
    I get a notice to deactivate the plugin till i get the API key.. GRRRR.so aggravating.. Any ideas and/or suggestions to resolve this?


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  • Naoko Takano


    Happiness Engineer at Automattic

    First, try changing the user associated with your self-hosted site (WordPress.org blog) using this method:

    API Keys

    If that doesn’t help, you can contact WordPress.com support from here to get things sorted.


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