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  • Hello,

    Problem is this:

    When I open the admin side on my blog, one page has lost its code section (box).

    • This happens about every month. It’s been like that at least a couple of years.
    • Problem concerns only this one page, others work just fine.
    • In fact, the code IS still there (somewhere). If I click the link »Show page» it’s viewed ok. Trouble is, the code is not available to handle.

    I have used a simple but lousy workaround: copying the (»showed page») source code (partly), destroying the page (on admin side), and setting up a new page. But certainly it’s not the operation I’d like to repeat every month!

    Here’s a screenshot from my admin side. Red tangle marks the code box. Where have my code disappeared, and why?


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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Hi @yesper

    Does this only happen when you are going to edit or even add a page? Or does this happen when you editing any post type? Like portfolio, forms, media?

    Other than copy pasting what else have you tried? Does this happen in any other browser?

    Hello @jcastaneda,

    It always happens in the same way.

    • I edit this one page without any hassle or problems, and then save it, and close the browser (FF, usually). Everything is just fine.
    • »The next morning» I return to admin side, click this one page link, and, bang: no code box.

    No, this do not happen with any other pages or media etc. Just this one page. Also, it has nothing to with the WP upgrades, or plugins (I only add plugin once a year or so), or the browser. It just happens, without any warnings.

    Let’s add this: This page is a list of my International Movie dvds, about 5000 code lines. I modify it almost every day. This problem looks like the database corrupts every time when, say, 50 saves is done. Weird, very.

    »– –what else have you tried?»

    Mmmm. What you mean? Not too much to do, as the code box have disappeared. ;).

    Well, actually, I did. — I installed a plugin called Clone. Cloning the page (in a Pages view) provides a new, proper version, and quite mystically returns the code box, too. This is considerably easier than any source-code-copy-paste.

    But I forgot to mention: ALL the other boxes disappears too. The Admin view is just as empty as you see in my early screenshot. So, I have to adjust many values again every time, e.g. SEO and similar. Annoiyng! :b

    Thx for your help, so far.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by  yesper.
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