• Hi Rachel,

    First off, let me just say that I’m a big fan of this plugin, what it’s solving and the responsive support you’ve provided to users. I’ve been using it across several sites since 2012.

    Lately, I’ve been creating more and more custom post types via the CPT-onomies plugin for the purpose of attaching them to other custom post types. However, the admin area of WordPress is starting to become somewhat unusable. For example, when viewing all the entries of one of the custom post types, the page takes 77.29 seconds to load. I installed Query Monitor and am seeing queries similar to the following as being the most time consuming:

    SELECT wpposts.ID, (
    FROM wp_postmeta wpmeta
    INNER JOIN wp_posts wpmetaposts
    ON wpmetaposts.ID = wpmeta.post_id
    AND wpmetaposts.post_type IN ( 'blog','characters','classifications','comics','competitions','edd_discount','games','movieoptions','music','page','playlists','post','promotions','shows','stores','videos' )
    AND wpmetaposts.post_status = 'publish'
    WHERE wpmeta.meta_key = '_custom_post_type_onomies_relationship'
    AND wpmeta.meta_value = wpposts.ID ) AS count
    FROM wp_posts wpposts
    WHERE wpposts.ID IN ( '5309','5014','66921','67238','59025','66452','59047','59052','59018','1192','49','13269','57810','1522','67537','57809','2384','1649','59021','3094','1285','26906','9456','64701','1780','1404','37','38839','1085','1505','59039','59042','203','59023','59057','3626','59024','5820','2993','20951','67541','6212','1718','67623','1686','240','5856','59056','59027','235','236','46','3589','36','1760','5557','1018','239','2906','2636','59055','1493','2397','1481','67539','1561','59040','13287','1542','7561','1198','238','1804','20079','59028','67333','67226','59030','59053','59046','1838','1635','59041','1374','6096','34129','1465','1286','67536','4949','67543','4850' )
    AND wpposts.post_status = 'publish'
    ORDER BY wpposts.ID ASC

    The above query was called by CPT_TAXONOMY->get_terms() and took 14 seconds to complete. Any ideas on what can be done to improve the load time for these types of queries?

    Thanks so much


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  • Plugin Author Rachel Cherry


    Hmm. That’s not good!

    I’m quite literally just a few hours from getting on a plane to go on vacation so be patient with me and I’ll look into this as soon as I get back!

    Thanks for the update Rachel. Very much appreciated!


    Any update about this issue, i have exactly the same problem 🙁


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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