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  • Hello! I have two problems with the admin role in my blog. To save space I post them as one question. I hope that is OK.

    I’ve installed WordPress 2.0.4 using Fantastico on a Cpanel account and then upgraded to 2.0.5 using the instructions provided on I did not use the name “Admin” for the administrator but rather used another login name to make it more difficult for hackers.

    First problem:
    I found that the admin name did not display properly. I checked in the MySQL database and found that the admin displayname was set to <ADMINNICENAME>. I changed it to Admin, which I felt was safe due to the Admin having another login name. I searched the php pages and did not find a match for <ADMINNICENAME>. What may have caused this problem? Is it a bug in WP or did Fantastico set that name?

    Second problem:
    I’m using the function wp_list_authors to display authors in the sidemenu:


    This works fine for all authors but the admin, who’s name is not displayed at all. It just says >> (2) when it should say >> Admin (2). (Remember that the display name for admin is “Admin” and that I’m using another login name.

    I thought I located the bug in the function list_authors where one line reads (in part):

    ($exclude_admin ? "WHERE user_login <> 'admin' " : '')

    Since my admin’s user_login is NOT “admin” I figured that was why it just displayed blank, but when I changed it to the correct name and uploaded the php file (template-function-authors.php) it still displays blank. Any idea why?

    I could not find any posts regarding any of these problems when I searched the support database.

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  • I solved the second issue myself. ‘hierarchical’ is not a parameter for the function in question. Removing the parameter removed the administrator from the listing. The first issue is still unresolved.

    1) never change anything in the database.. ever.

    you need to include the “exclude_admin” attribute, because wp sets this to 1 (true) by default. Again, there is no “bug”.

    I did not quite solve the second issue actually. When I add “&exclude_admin=0” to the function, it once again displays as no name with 2 posts.

    jackosh, why does the admin display as having no name?

    consider logging in ad the admin account and clicking “users”. try the drop-down menu that says “display name publicly as: XXXXX”.

    again, never change anything in the DB. if there was a “bug” that big, you wouldn’t be the only person experiencing problems with it, and it would be fixed by now.

    PS you should revert the DB back to the way it was before you changed things around.

    OK, I changed it back to <ADMINNICENAME>, set the nickname to Admin and now the name shown in the list is Admin. However, the link in the sidemenu is to a non-existing archive page /authors/<ADMINNICENAME>. I guess this topic is covered in another post. How do I fix it?

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