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  • Hi

    I am using a woo theme that has been customized. We have recently been changing some code and doing some updates on the site. Since then I have not had the admin bar show up when I visit the live site whereas it always worked previously.
    These are the things I have done so far

    *Deactivated all plugins
    *Changed themes
    *Ensure that the user *Show Toolbar When Viewing Site* Box is checked

    All to no avail, I read somewhere that you need to make sure some code is showing in the Footer.php but I am not sure what that code is and where it should be

    i would be really grateful for any help
    Kindest regards

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  • Michael


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    does the admin bar show in the dashboard?
    does the bar show on the front when you are logged in?

    make sure to have wp_foter(); in footer.php of your theme;

    the best might be if you try to contact woothemes for support, as this forum only supports themes from


    Yes it shows in the dashboard, only when I switch to the site does it disappear. There is a greyish colored bar there but not the admin bar.
    I have tried putting the code in the footer.php, I put it before the body tag, not sure if this is the right place?

    I will try contacting woo themes.

    Thank you for your help

    Unfortunately I am unable to access Woo themes support because I used a free theme.

    Is there anything else I could try?
    I found this in the editor and wasn’t sure if this was something that needed changing? It came under Admin-functions.php

    [ Redacted ]

    All of the admin bar layout code is spitted out at the bottom of your page/theme output, then positioned with CSS. If the admin bar is working in the admin area, but not on the ‘front end’ of your site it’s probable that you have errors in your code (like in part of the theme, or a plugin) that is blocking the last bit of the page loading – I know, I’ve had this myself before!

    First job, turn on error reporting in wp-config.php by changing:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);
    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    Depending on what the problem is, this should give you some indication of what is causing the error. Alternatively, if your theme or plugins are throwing up a-lot of errors (there should be none, but hey – these things happen!) disable all of your plugins and just have the desired installed theme running. If the admin bar still doesn’t appear at-least you know it’s not a plugin causing it and there’s a problem in your theme files.

    Common errors include incorrect functions called, screwed up PHP, mixing XHTML code into a PHP code block – but hopefully turning on error reporting will at-least give you an indication of what’s going wrong!



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    you seem to have done the general troubleshooting already:

    – temporarily switch to the default theme Twenty Twelve; if this works, then it is quite clearly a theme problem, and you will need to persist with getting support from the theme’s developers – free or otherwise.

    – temporarily deactivate all plugins;

    maybe try it again, and make sure to clear any caches (browser, plugins, etc..) inbetween the steps.

    Thanks jonnyauk — that was the cause for me — the HTML was truncated due to an HTML bug.

    I also had the Admin bar disappear without any warning. Here’s what I did since I’m not a coder … not even a LITTLE bit. In my case I determined that the culprit was my theme that was causing the problem. The name of the theme is not important; I’ve had this happen before with other themes.

    1. Backup your freakin’ site! And I mean EVERYTHING! I highly recommend the UpDraft Backup and Restore plugin.

    2. Change the theme of your site. It doesn’t matter which theme you use. We’re going to change it back to your original theme in a minute.

    2. Since Bluehost hosts my WordPress site I use a File Manager to find any folders that look like they would likely contain files associated with the theme I’m using. If you’re hosting the site on your own server then you would know how to delete files and folders on your machine.

    Be SURE to delete the FOLDER itself (the one containing your bummed-up theme) once all the files contained in them have been deleted.

    CAUTION: Don’t get careless or SLOPPY and delete folders that obviously don’t have anything to do with your theme. You’d be ASKING for trouble. Don’t say I didn’t WARN you!

    3. Once your old theme files and folders have been 86’d then go back to your site, search for the original them, and RE-ACTIVATE it.

    Once you’ve done all this everything should be A-OK and your Admin bar will have magically been RESTORED to the top of your screen!

    If I can do this, YOU can do it! Just don’t get in a big hurry!

    I was able to fix this same problem by DELETING the plugin giving me problems. I use a mac.

    While troubleshooting I changed themes, deactivated every plugin, reinstalled wordpress but nothing changed. When I turned DEBUG on (wp_config.php) I got an error msg: Undefined variable: cookies ….wp-super-cache/wp-cache-phase1.php on line 660. So this was my clue…

    I deleted wp-super-cache & my problems disappeared. Apparently deactivating the plugin was not enough.

    I have missing the wp_footer()

    I resolved my case by adding <?php wp_footer(); ?> just before </body> in the footer.php just like what @alchymyth suggested and also after seeing the discussion here:

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