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    I am giving 5 stars in spite of some quirks the person posting the events needs to be aware of. The plugin does what I need: it allows a very clear presentation of mutliple-day events for the Website end-user. From any day’s event page, one can see the other days that are part of the same class or ongoing event. Registration for a mutliple-day event only requires filling out the booking form once (not three times if the class meets over three consecutive Saturdays, for exmple).

    What to know when you post ongoing events:

    1. Subsequent events are only created at the moment you publish the first day’s event. If you save as a draft instead, any ongoing events you just added to the editing screen are NOT saved with the draft.

    2. If you change the first day’s event from published to draft, the subsequent days will still be published and shown in the calndar and list of upcoming events. If the user opens one and clicks on “Day 1”, they will see a “not found” error message. If you open the editor for the initial event, you will still see the ongoing events (since they are still child events of the draft parent), and if you publish again, all should be well.

    3. An easy way to delete subsequent days en masse is to edit the initial event and change ongoing events from “yes” to “no.” Beware: This does NOT put them into the trash; they are truly deleted.

    4. Clicking the Publish button creates a ticket type for each ongoing event date. Before clicking Publish, there is only a single ticket showing by default. Be sure to adjust the tickets AFTER you publish for the first time. If you want people to be able to register for single days rather than the entire span of dates, rename the ticket types to make it obvious, like “Traning Day 1,” “Traning Day 2,” etc. If you want users to register once for all days, delete the extra tickets so there is just a single line for tickets.

    5. If you change dates for the subsequent days, you may end up with an altered permalink. I managed to get one that ended with “-day-2-2” but when I changed the dates again, I had one ending with “-day-2” again. Usually this won’t matter, but you may want to check the permalink if you need consistency.

    Given all the above, I still think it’s a great plugin if you need events to span multiple days.

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