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  • Hi Team,

    On this plugin, is it possible to create auto amount number? For example: donation amount is $100,000 the system create a unique additional will be $100,091 amount need to pay by users.


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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    We have a sample plugin that will do that for you automatically.

    But we are working on a more official one that will give donors options and more features as well. Watch our blog and newsletter for news on that.



    Hi Matt,

    Nice sample scripts, I tried to modified it for using the random number mt_rand. The unique number appeared on form, but when I pressed donate now the unique number not storing on to the DB. Can you please guide me? This is the part of code modified:

    function give_basic_fees_js() {
            <?php //Generate
    global $random_number;
    $random_number =''; // set up a blank string
    while ( $count < $digits_needed ) {
        $random_digit = mt_rand(0, 9);
        $random_number .= $random_digit;
            var give_global_vars;
            //JS for Basic Fee calculation on the fly.
            jQuery(function ($) {
                 * Event Triggers
                //When document runs.
                //If donation amount update is triggered.
                $(document).on('give_donation_value_updated', function () {
                //If the donation.
                $(document).on('blur', '.give-donation-amount .give-text-input', function (e) {
                 * JS update logic - Basic update percentage JS.
                function give_basic_update_percentage() {
                    //Set vars
                    var percentage = <?php echo $random_number; ?>;
                    var current_total = $('input[name="give-amount"]').val();
                    //Unformat current total so fee calculation is correct for larger donations.
                    current_total = Math.abs(parseFloat(accounting.unformat(current_total, give_global_vars.decimal_separator)));
                    var fee = percentage;
                    var new_total = current_total + fee;
                    //Set the custom amount input value format properly
                    var format_args = {
                        symbol: give_global_vars.currency_sign,
                        decimal: give_global_vars.decimal_separator,
                        thousand: give_global_vars.thousands_separator,
                        precision: give_global_vars.number_decimals
                    fee = accounting.formatMoney(fee, format_args);
                    new_total = accounting.formatMoney(new_total, format_args);
                    //Update fee information text.
                    //Update final total text.
    <?php }
    add_action( 'wp_print_footer_scripts', 'give_basic_fees_js' );
     * Adds the fee to the DB upon submit.
     * @param $sanitized_amount
     * @return string
    function give_basic_fees_add_fee( $sanitized_amount ) {
        //$fee_percentage = (int) give_get_option( 399 );
        $fee            = $sanitized_amount;
        $new_total      = $fee + percentage;
        return $new_total;
    add_filter( 'give_donation_total', 'give_basic_fees_add_fee', 1, 1 );
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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