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    Hi all,

    I’ve raw html like this to display the images in a slider form :
    <div style=”margin:20px; width:934px; “>
    <marquee >
    <img src=”link_here”>

    My requirement is to add slider above the featured images on home page. So, if i add this raw html inside a variable using this snippet, is it a really good practice?

    I’ve tried adding small slider using plugins, but, none worked great for me. Could anyone suggest a solution to this.


    For reference, see this image(it will be moving)


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  • If you don’t like Customizr’s slider, then Metaslider is a good option. There is also a pro version (which I don’t have) which offers even more functions.

    @electricfeet: I’ve two questions. Firstly, is marquee an example of meta slider?

    Secondly, Is it a good practice to include raw html inside a php variable using snippet for adding content above featured images?

    Plus,actually, my requirement cannot be fulfilled by using Customizr slider as the image size is very small (basically a logo of partners).


    No, I don’t think Metaslider does marquee. Flexslider2 seems to, but it’s not in the WP repository, so I don’t know how good it is (I’ve never used it). But it’s from Woothemes, so it should be pretty reliable.

    Royal slider gets good reviews, but again it’s not in the WP repo and it’s also a paid plugin. They don’t do marquee, but they do an iOS-style “Gallery with Visible Nearby Images”.

    Here’s a codepen that makes the underlying bootstrap carousel (of Customizr) do what you want: but I’ve no idea how good the code is. It requires javascript—about which I know very little— so I cannot help, I’m afraid.

    Re the good practice: not often, but sometimes 🙂 Not if the text is changing—it’s not the sort of thing you’d give an editor, for example. But if it’s something like a tagline that wouldn’t generally change, it’s OK. If your setup doesn’t allow for it, you could take a different approach and drag a page in like in this snippet.

    p.s. with may sliders (including metaslider free), you can specify the size of the slider easily, so you can make it as small as you need for your logo.

    @electricfeet: Thanks a lot for giving me too many workarounds for slider.
    But, my basic question is if is not a good practice to include too much html into a php variable (i’m also very scared to put too much html inside php variable ), then could you tell me any workaround for that.

    So far, i found that snippet only to put some content above the featured images, but, in that putting html inside php is very scary.

    So, is there any other solution?


    With Metaslider—as with Customizr—your text is in the slider, not in php.

    I think it would be helpful to take a step back and ask: What exactly are you trying to achieve?

    @electricfeet: I’ll sit and analyze, what can be done in this. Thanks a lot.

    One question: I’ve d’loaded meta slider plugin, but, i need to implement on home page above the featured images, so, how do i paste the shortcode inside a home page?


    Look at this snippet, but look down the comments where Nic posted a solution.

    I got the snippet working, but my requirement slightly differs from this. What i need is, 4 boxes at a time (with four different images shown), and then next 4 images and so on.

    So, the slider will act for more than one image(may be 3 or 4), not for single image.

    So, @rdellconsulting/Electric feet: Could you recommend anything else or any workaround. See this image. Need something like this.


    What site is showing that image? Need to investigate the html

    Yes, i can give you the url.

    The slider is just above the footer.


    Looks to me like its using WP Slick Slider. Did you investigate that (don’t see it mentioned above)?

    Not much documentation on their website

    I searched slick slider, but, its reviews are bad and in fact it is not compatible with 3.9.1. So, will try something else. Anyways, thanks a lot.

    It has 2 bad reviews, one of which didn’t like where it places itself on the WordPress dashboard–which is purely a subjective view and nothing to do with the functionality of the slider..

    What makes you say it’s not compatible with 3.9.1? It seems to have been updated quite recently.

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