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  • I’ve been asked to fix a box that was hacked at some point and restored completely from a backup. WordPress was 2.7.1 and Nextgen was 1.2.something, or so I’m told. OLD!!! They upgraded WordPress to current and Nextgen to 2.0.66 before I arrived on the scene.

    The basic problem now is that it seems impossible to add an album to a page, so that a thumbnail for each contained gallery is displayed. This evidently worked prior to the upgrades. Using [album id=3] (what they had when I started poking around) in the page text editor will show the thumbnails, but clicking one simply brings up the beginnings of the viewer and the spinning wheel… which goes nowhere. All the gallery thumbnails seem to have the same link associated (the page we’re already on), which doesn’t work as I noted.

    Looking at: I can see the process needed to add an album or gallery to the page. Trying this I get the window with:

    – Select a display type
    – What would you like to display?
    – Customize the display settings
    – Sort or exclude images

    The first appears to be OK. The second behaves oddly and doesn’t alway seem to want to display what it should – the list of galleries doesn’t appear as the nextgen page suggests it should. The third appears to be OK. The fourth (sort or exclude) shows nothing in the dropdown. And most importantly, the ‘save’ button does absolutely nothing. So I looked for conflicting plug-ins.

    The only other installed plug-in is ‘events calendar’ by Luke Howell… which is evidently also as old as the hills. Deactivating it seems to allow the save function to work, and the drop downs appear to function properly. However, the page editor (visual mode) inserts a red exclamation mark in a triangle where the album would reside.

    Viewing the page produces the same result as manually inserting the [album] tag. Thumbnails appear, but the link they correspond to is the page already displayed. The screen darkens and the spinner spins, to no effect. The page editor (text mode) shows the insert function to have dropped this into the page (URL modified to protect the innocent)…:

    <img class=”ngg_displayed_gallery mceItem” src=”–4137″ alt=”” />

    I can accept that the plugin calendar is part of the problem. They won’t want to switch to something else, but I can deal with that. However, disabling it doesn’t seem to completely solve the problem, so I don’t think it’s entirely to blame.

    Suggestions as to what I should try next? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – I would suggest starting with the Reset Option under Gallery > Other Options, then clearing the image cache under Gallery > Other Options > Miscellaneous.

    You might look at the Permalinks as well, if they are set to the “Default” try something like “Post name” or “Month name” as alternatives and clear the image cache again after changing to one of those.

    It would also probably be best to test under Twenty Fourteen (or any other WordPress default Twenty series theme) and NextGEN Gallery if only to rule out possible conflicts.

    You may need to completely clear (remove?) any caching from the site/server as well; and, possibly re-install manually via FTP over-writing all files and folders under /nextgen-gallery/

    See where that takes you, and let us know what happens, too.


    – Cais.


    I do have a same problem (save button).
    Everything worked perfectly before few days ago, and suddenly impossible to edit the thumbnail.
    Now it’s impossible to set a gallery in a page or a post, the “save” button not works at all.
    I followed all you said, but still not working (clear cache, desactivate plugins, uninstall and reinstall the plugin, changed version…).

    So “save” button does not work, and galleries not work either, there are not showed at all in the website.

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @hector7 – I would suspect this is not the same exact issue and you should post your own topic as per the forum rules:


    – Cais.


    I reset the gallery and cleared the cache. The result was that clicking any of the galleries in the album that showed on the page caused a quick flash on the browser of something that can’t be seen (too fast), before showing the original page again.

    I then tried something other than ‘defaults’ for the permalinks. No difference – still the quick flash and back to where I am.

    Tried the 2014 theme. Again, same behaviour. No other plugins active.

    So this is different to what I had – something happens besides the spinning spinner… but still not right.

    I’m not anxious to do all the reinstallation – I don’t know how they’ve got this site hosted, but I’m going to bet that I won’t be able to get root access to the server, which is the only way I’ve worked with WordPress installs in the past.

    The visual editor now lets me insert the album in a way that looks correct. No triangle exclamation mark.

    Suggestions as to what I should try next? Thanks!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – Can you provide a link to the site? There may be something in the page source and/or behavior that might provide some additional suggestions to try.

    – Cais.

    Hi Cais,

    Thank you for your reply!

    The site is at and of course, the gallery page is at

    The site is skinned with the 2014 theme while we work through the problems, hence it may not look like it should. At this time, the only plugin activated is Nextgen Gallery.

    Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – All of the galleries in the album are not pointing to an actual gallery except for one (and it is not resolving correctly?!).

    Have you tried removing that album from the page and re-inserting it?

    – Cais.

    Yes, what you see on the gallery page is the latest attempt to get it to function.

    Looking in the gallery settings for the last person on the current list (Bob) I see that the ‘gallery path’ in the gallery settings points to: wp-content/gallery/bob-hubbard. I see that the link on the actual viewable page points to gallery/nggallery/bob-hubbard. I realize they may not fully correlate but wonder if the radical change in versions of NextGEN may have changed some of the internal directory structures or aliases?

    While messing about just now I’ve found a few things that may be important, or may simply show I really don’t know what I’m doing with this plug-in…

    1) Looking in the Gallery Editor for a specific gallery (in this case, Bob’s) I note that ‘Link to Page’ shows ‘not linked’.

    2) Still in the editor, ‘Create new page’ says ‘Main Page (no parent)’

    3) If I click the button below that ‘Add Page’, the ‘Link to Page’ now shows the gallery name and a page of that name is created. The link on the Gallery page works, with the gallery appearing on its own page.

    However, I think we’re looking for the gallery to appear floating above the gallery page, aren’t we, in a viewer? Perhaps this helps point at the area to check?

    @photocrati Further to my previous post, what I meant to say is that I was of the understanding that the galleries could exist and be viewed *without* a dedicated page for each gallery being created. If that’s not the case – and I DO need to have a page created for each – I may have found the solution.

    But I suspect I shouldn’t have to do it this way…?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – The first two points are correct for default settings of a new gallery. Implementing the third item will link the gallery preview image from an album display to the gallery page (otherwise it open in the album page itself).

    The “BoB” gallery is working correctly based on what you have written above. Although each preview image should open the gallery itself in the album page rather than refreshing the album page.

    Using the Reset Option should correct for any internal path issues, which you have already tried. I would suggest updating to the version we just released and seeing it that sorts out the issues and/or using the method you employed on “Bob” to the other galleries.


    – Cais.

    @photocrati Thanks for bearing with me on this!

    I’ve installed the latest ( but things seem to work the same as described. Now I’m wondering if I’m expecting a behaviour that may simply not be part of NextGEN…

    When a page with an Album appears, I think should see a thumbnail for each Gallery in the Album. Check. That works.

    When I click on a Gallery thumbnail on the Album page, what should I get? Should I be sent to a page specific to that Gallery, with thumbnails of the Gallery images? Or should I get a popup slideshow (of some sort) of that gallery *without* a page change? I’ve been expecting the popup and have not been getting it, but perhaps that’s wrong??

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – The process works along these lines …

    You create an album that contains galleries. The galleries contain the images you want to display (ultimately in the Lightbox or other end-point display such as the ImageBrowser in some instances).

    When you insert the album into a page or post and publish that item you will see a display of preview images of each gallery within the album. Clicking on any of those items should then display the gallery images (usually as thumbnails). Clicking on one of these thumbnails will open the Lightbox Effect you have selected.

    This is what you can expect (although your site seems to also require each gallery has a page of its own for the album to send the reader to first … a different issue).

    I hope that makes more sense of the process.


    – Cais.

    @photocrati Thanks Cais, that makes sense to me and confirms I’m not too far off in my understanding. The only real issue we have here is the need to assign or create a page for each gallery in order to display the gallery’s thumbnails. That shouldn’t be necessary and is really what my problem boils down to. I think that’s the correct observation…

    Is this something you think we can find a solution to, or am I best advised to simply accept the workaround of creating pages and forget about solving it?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @beeeerock – You may have to use the work-around for the time being but you should not forget about solving the issue.

    It may be best (easier) for you to submit a Bug Report ( … please reference this topic) so we can get a closer look at your site and see if there may be something else we can try.

    We will need log in (and FTP?) credentials for your WordPress installation, please include those with your Bug Report.


    – Cais.

    @photocrati OK Cais, I will put together a bug report. I’ll ask the site owners if they’re OK with providing credentials.

    One last thing I’ve just noticed that might be relevant… and suggests a permissions problem to me…

    Going into Gallery Options and Other Settings shows a pile of options… but I don’t seem to be able to make a change and have it stick. For example, ‘light box effects’ in Other Settings will let me select something other than the default ‘fancybox’, but pressing ‘save’ causes it to revert back to ‘fancybox’. Similarly, ‘nextgen basic thumbnails’ in Gallery Options has ‘0’ as the default for columns. Attempting to switch to something else and saving reverts back to 0. Save operations always show ‘save successful’, but the settings aren’t sticking.

    I’ve read that uninstalling NextGEN pretty much breaks every bit of work done to albums, so I don’t want to do that… but it really seems like this problem may originate from deeper under the hood than the user interface lets me see…

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