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  • does anyone have any experience in adding more fixed fields?? I have currently modded post.php and the edit-form.php files to accept to more fields, which are being published into the database (i’ve checked). The only problem is i’m missing something in order to keep the data. when i go to edit the post, the title, content etc.. remain intact, but the two new fields’ data does not. If anyone is interested in helping, i can upload the edited files for viewing.

    I would just use custom fields, but i haven’t figured out how they can remain fixed, as the users posting won’t add fields each time.


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  • Per this post it appears that custom meta fields can become fixed with some modifications. Does anyone know where in the post.php file (in WP 1.5) modifications need to be made, and if anything should be changed from Serendipity’s post?

    EDIT: progress made, with four new inputs posting to database. I just need to figure out how to create new functions for them such as <?php the_content()?>

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