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  • i’ve just finished tweaking the classic layout as my first experiment in wordpress. i have no problems getting into the CSS and am ok at problemsolving minor issues in PHP, but in creating an extra sidebar i am lost.

    i assume i need to copy sidebar.php call it say sidebar2.php and tweak that, changing the content etc. but then how do i get this hypothetical sidebar2 into my page layout? there doesn’t seem to be a space for it in index.php…

    i’m really a PHP novice.. any hel appreciated 🙂

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  • Why not making 2 colums in your sidebar.php file using CSS ?

    I know this isn’t what you want to hear however; it might be easiest if you head on over to and find a theme that already has implemented a three column layout. I know that is what I plan on doing with a site I am about to launch.

    I agree with raianoat, theee are 3-4 3 col layouts entered in the theme contest.

    Just dowload one of them and learn by looking at the code for the index and sidebar templates.

    7seconden, thats an interesting idea! i’d never thought of that, and havent seen an example – can you show me one perhaps? i’d assume i’d need to put static content into it though, keep the content separate? i have no idea…

    haha raianoat, you’re right it isn’t what i want to hear 😉 but i’ll keep it in mind as i get more desperate!

    i’m not afraid to get into PHP in fact thats what i want to do, get in there and understand it all. anything that can be broken can be fixed… except me… i’m still shattered…

    but where is the reference that puts sidebar.php into action? i can’t find it anywhere…. i thought it would be in index.php… apparently not!

    Bauble, sorry, no examples. It was just an instant idea.
    Try using boxes. I allways rely on Owen’s tutorials (
    Or does anyone have a better idea?

    I second Marc and raianoat: the best way is to find a template (layout) that was designed as 3-column, and customize it.

    has a short list of 3-column templates that work with 1.5

    A lot depends on your spec. If you want fixed footers and tiling menu bgs your options (and avail themes) start to narrow. I dont know neuro’s Trident but it seems OK to me. Easy to adapt too. Its a good resource linked above.,

    hmmm.. well i found the reference in footer.php of the classic layout for the sidebar. and since i want a very basic deal pretty much the exact same sidebar just with my content in it:
    my site here:

    i’m gunna have a go on my own 🙂 i bet i’ll learn heaps in the process.

    i’ll also have a look at the above for tips and ideas and if need be scratch and startover.

    thanks for the fast responses and good suggestions guys!

    I am doing a Trident rewrite to embrace some of the additional functionality in 1.5 and it is tricky because you need to split the sidebar.php output in the right place. Then put in the clearers.

    I’ve created a comprehensive list of over 170 WordPress 1.5 themes (which is growing daily!) on my blog (which, yes, is hosted at TypePad — that was the easiest thing to get up and running initially, but I’ll soon be moving the WordPress section of blogging tips, tricks, and templates to its own WP powered site)

    Here’s the URL in case my code with the backticks didn’t work (this is my first post in this forum):

    On that list, I’ve demarkated which themes have 3 column layouts. Currently, there 9 of the 173 themes posted there are 3 column layouts. Hopefully that’ll give you some more stuff to work with!

    it’s amazing how great it is to see three column sites marked as such! so much eaiser to peruse! I noticed the trident theme wasn’t marked as a 3 column theme, though

    coincidentally it’s the trident theme i wish to ask about again… it’s by far the closest to what i want, atleast i can imagine how in CSS i can change it to what i’m looking for 🙂

    that link to Nero’s trident theme has me a bit confused though because it keeps switching themes.

    the first version i saw amazed me:
    <img src=””>
    i like how the sidebar is split into two columns, it’s very light and ‘zen’.

    but today when i visited i saw the actualy “trident” look:
    <img src=””>

    i could find no reference to that first theme anywhere, but it really is an interesting solution to the 3 column idea. I’m curious if it is a downloadable theme or just Nero’s personal special 🙂 any ideas?

    anyway i’ll probably stick to that Nero “fade to grey” take on “trident” i think it’s really elegant and simple and quite close to what i want in the end.

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