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  • Dear community, dear developers,

    today i found out that the calendar – suddenly and with no warning at all – is asking for some activation. By its surprising nature, thats one really bad move! The question is: Why do we need to register and activate the calender now? Thats the most important question here! These are some additional ones i am interested in (pretty sure others as well):

    – assuming we did register the plugin, is it still free to use?
    – does the plugin collect any data from the website and does it save it somewhere in the outer world. This is important, since some people have confidential data on their schedules.
    – how does that activation/login affect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of our sites? Thats a serious question!



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  • I cannot even begin to describe the amount of work this has created for me, going around to every site I’ve installed this plugin on and creating/logging in to an account.

    You would think this would qualify for pulling the plugin from the repository when you disable functionality.

    Suddenly, we can’t add events to the calendar, because the entire admin has been replaced with this page begging us to log in. I don’t want to log in. I don’t want a account. I don’t want my events synced to your servers. I don’t want any of your advanced features.


    And then on top of that, if I relent and create an account, it just keeps saying the credentials are wrong. This was a terrible update. How do I download a version from September, so I can remember to never, ever install updates to this plugin ever again?

    I rolled back to 2.5.44 by going to the Developers page for the plugin:

    And clicking the “Advanced View” link in the RH column.

    Scroll to the bottom to find the previous versions. Select the one you want, download, and install it like you would any plugin.

    I’ve had to do this a few times over the years for plugins that developed “issues” where updates broke something.

    Had to rollback as well. this is unacceptable. talk about a money/data grab.



    Can someone recommend similar free plugins?



    I am interested too



    Some other options to consider — depending on your specific requirements — are Events Manager and The Events Calendar.

    Events Manager seems to be very well built and well supported, though it’s a no-frills kind of plugin and will probably require a fair amount of CSS work to make it look right on your site. I’m only in the testing phase so far on my own site, but my impression so far is that it’s my number one recommendation for anyone who needs a calendar with solid recurring events support and that won’t make customization a nightmare.

    The Events Calendar looks good out of the box, but I’ve run into a number of bugs related to calendar navigation, and their support falls short of expectations (I’ve been using the Pro Version). Also, if you need to rely heavily on the Recurring Events feature BEWARE — lots of problems there, in terms of performance and functioning.

    Definitely a bad choice… I’ve had several clients complaining already because all of a sudden they can’t enter items into the calendar as they have been. This plugin has long been my main recommendation to people, but this decision by the developers leads me to have less trust in future decisions. There’s no notification regarding whether or not signing up for the “free” account retains all the previous options, or whether anything will be moved to the “paid” option. All in all just a bad way to go about this.

    well, as the free version of event calendar, has been the best calendar for my needs I could find 5 years ago, I stayed with it…
    being aware, that they don’t have good quality management or quality assurance…
    so every update was able to brake your site…
    you had to do testing yourself on test sites…

    now, with the attempt to force signing in, if you use it, they follow google and others with tracking policy…

    for admins, it’s hard enough to deal with all regulatory affairs coming up, especially in Europe, as huge companies collect data and small orgs have to suffer now…

    It’s really time to reconsider alternative plugins again, as pricing plans are much too high for just a calendar plugin… (which is causing potential problems with every release…

    may be time-ly should consider another pricing plan (1 USD) for basic versions..?

    I am currently testing these:

    Events Manager
    The Events Calendar
    Modern Events Calendar

    Experiences from others are welcome!





    The code below is what I created in a plugin I created that runs on both multi-site and single site installations. My plugin depends on the All in One Event Calendar and the recent upgrade locked calendar access for event creation and edits. This code may be placed in your theme’s function.php file if you are not using a custom plugin as I do.

    * This checks if the ai1ec api settings are enabled, and
    * if not calls the function to enable them. It was required
    * due to changes that turned off the options in
    * an update unless an account was created.
    $option_name = ‘ai1ec_api_settings’;
    $options_array = array(
    array (
    ‘option_name’ => ‘enabled’,
    ‘option_value’ => true
    ); // option array set ai1ec api to enabled

    $wp_options_array = get_option($option_name);

    if (!$wp_options_array[‘enabled’]) set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array);
    //Set enabled only if it isn’t already set.

    * function set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array)
    * This sets or updates an option stored in the
    * WordPress options table. An array saved in
    * this program is passed to this function an we
    * iterate through the array to get desired
    * options. Options are retrived from options
    * table, the array is updated and then saved
    * back to WP options using WP functions.
    function set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array) {
    //Get entire array

    $wp_options_array = get_option($option_name);

    if (!$wp_options_array) $wp_options_array = array (
    $option_name => $options_array);

    foreach ( $options_array as $option_value) {

    // Alter the options array with new value if it existed already
    if ($wp_options_array) $wp_options_array = array_replace($wp_options_array, array (
    $option_value[‘option_name’] => $option_value[‘option_value’]));
    } // end foreach
    //Update entire array
    $status = update_option( $option_name, $wp_options_array );

    return $status; // this is boolean true if update saved ok
    // end set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array)

    I tried “The Events Calendar,” but you have to get the pro version to do recurring events. I also looked at “Events Manager.” It seems to be a fork of Events Made Easy, which I’ve been using successfully for a long time. But as Alison points out above it takes a good amount of customization of CSS and manipulation of the plug-in’s built-in placeholders and logic to get a decent result.

    I also tried “My Calendar,” which had a UI that was too confusing to turn loose on the folks that use my installation.

    I’ve finally settled on “Modern Events Calendar.” It looks like it will be easy for my people to set it up and work with it. All my sub-sites that were using AIOEC have been switched, and we’ll see how it goes.

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