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    I’m not 100% sure about what your desired result is. I’ll say back what I think you want and you can let me know what I’ve got wrong.

    1) You have a feature in your external system that allows users to be activated
    2) This is achieved by changing the value of a field in your users table in the external database
    3) You want users who are active in your external database to be able to login but users who are not to be blocked from logging into WordPress.

    You’ve said that you’ve got your WordPress site setup so that new users must be manually activated. This is not a default functionality in WordPress (as far as I am aware). Is this something custom you’ve written or a plugin you are using? You talk about manually activating users? How does this system work?

    This does sound like a very custom setup but I might be misunderstanding something?

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    OK sorry about #3 I forgot this was not default wp. I am using WP Member. The “activate” / deactivate is right in the WP Users list

    Desired Result: I am migrating an existing site of active users into WP but I cannot do this in one step but it will take many steps probably over a year or more where both systems (WP and external DB) will remain active but the goal is to ultimately have WP completely in charge and completely deactivate the external db. Meanwhile I have thousands of spam users signing up and who have already signed up as well as “banned” users for whatever reason (trolls etc), on the legacy/external db but have been moderated over time to be inactive. In the external db there are two fields that indicate this so that is helpful in the Exclude Users beta mapping and I do not want those accounts to activate on the WP side.

    For #1 I will want to turn off new user account registrations on the external db and use WP instead, so there will be no future account activations from the external db, but there are thousands of active accounts on the external db and exponentially more that are either not active or suspended in the external db. So I want the good users from the external db to have a seamless login to the WP site.

    #2 yes two fields actually but in a negative not a positive “activated”. “disabled” requires a 1 toggle as does “suspended”

    Plugin Author tbenyon


    There are so many things to say here so I apologies for the long post:

    Firstly, the plugin was written for using an external database as a the sole user handling and the plugin would just allow users in that system to access WordPress. I had not intended users to be able to be added in WordPress also and use the plugin as a migration tool.

    Having said that, this seems to be a worthwhile extension as you’re not the first to request this. I have a task in my backlog to support this but there are a lot of steps to make this happen smoothly.

    WP Member
    I am not going to add functionality that works with specific plugins as this will clutter the UI as every unique plugin that someone uses will need a custom section in the admin area and custom work from me.

    The way I can solve this for you is by adding in a hook. So that you can write custom code that will activate the user in your plugin at the point that they are authenticated by external login. I’ll just need to understand more about the flow which we can come back to.

    The code that would modify your plugin would be written in your functions.php file. Although people have managed to find me on Facebook or LinkedIn I am not allowed to offer or discuss private work on here but you could get any developer to do this bit if you are not comfortable with it.

    I don’t know what your schedule on having this done is but this work isn’t going to be finished this month as I have a full time job and private work on the side. This is just a hobby for me and a service I provide for free.

    If you can wait I will schedule these tasks into my backlog and I can keep you posted on here of progress I’m making.

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    I understand and appreciate the plugin specific issues and I am very happy with what you’ve done so far. I tried to send you a proverbial cup of coffee on paypal but it was failing for some reason. I will try again this week.

    We’re use old plugin External Database Authentication Reloaded and now I want change. I have question we’re use in our database field for verification active users. So if active they can login to WordPress site. Can we do similar in this plugin?
    Similar like on this screenshot “role check” –

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    Hey @dasza

    As you can see from this screenshot there are two ways to block access to certain users. One is to block them based on there roles. The other is to block them based on another field in the database.

    If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to get back in contact.


    Tom 🙂

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