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  • I’m working with a new ISP who is not used to supporting WordPress. After a recent install, lots of features don’t work. (Upload, plugin automatic upgrade, visual editor, permalinks.) I’ve traced most of the problems to what looks like a bad value for ABSPATH. With a little debugging code, I found that ABSPATH = ../ That seems wrong to me. I was expecting a full path, something like /home/xxx/public_html/.

    Does anybody know what to do about this? Maybe mods to php.ini?

    TIA for any clues or pointers…


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  • I had the same thing. ABSPATH stored the entire query string. Like this: ‘’

    I don’t know this happens, but it’s fixable.

    1. Log into you MySQL using phpMyAdmin.
    2. Go to the table wp_options
    3. Here you should see that ‘siteurl’ (should be row 1) is screwed up.
    4. Press the fancy pen icon and change the value to the actual site name. Leave a strailing slash ‘’

    5. Find row 39 ‘home’. Change that one too.

    Good luck,

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