• I believe it is an excellent idea for a plugin… After searching a lot, I find out it is the only one that does this… Great! and thanks so much for it!!

    But… I would like to ask a couple of requests if possible…

    The minimum speed (1), is still quite fast for average readers…

    Will it be possible to have .5 speed… Even .3?

    Another request, will be: Is it possible to have no “rescroll delay” option?

    this, to let the scrolling keep going down in a nice and smooth way till the end of the page.

    (I’m thinking that I would like to use your plugin (besides reading) to make a demo page effect… a tour through the long page per se…)

    And the last request… (Im asking to much, I know, but that will make it a super plugin).

    The last request will be, to be able to select in which pages will the plugin be active or not

    there are very short pages, and others very long… It will be nice to have a white or black list.

    Thanks for it any way, is great!!!

    I hope you can make those changes…

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  • Plugin Author WPglob


    Dear @ikihinojosa,

    Thank you very much for leaving us such a wonderful review!
    We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
    All suggestions are welcomed and highly appreciated by our team.

    We will take them into consideration and will let you know in case we include these features in one of the future updates of the plugin.

    Thank you.

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