• The plugin is a good start as is has compared with other solutons no impact on loading time. There are currently (Jan 2021) to topics outstanding which limits the usage:
    a) if the base currency is EUR the decimal point is not used correct as EUR has a comma (,) instead of a dot (.)
    b) the switch uses for hard codes currencies (USD, EUR, INR, AUD) its possible to adjust this with the labels but the API call still uses the default values.

    I think to extend the plugin to allow to set the 4 currencies flexible would be a great step and should not be a big deal. Would appreciate! Even more if a) would be fixed.

    Overall I would like to encourage the developer to invest into this plugin as it has definitly some advantages over other available solutions.

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    Hello @tadama,

    Thank you for the ratings and for sharing your thoughts!

    This is a great idea and we will take it as a feature request. We have added this to our to-do list and will work on this soon.

    I can’t provide you an ETA but once we finish working on this, we will surely push this improvement in future updates.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions or ideas for us.

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