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  • Okay, it’s time to solve this problem once and for all. It’s been happening for a few months now. Multiple upgrades have not solved it. I have not encountered any other instances of the problem in the forum. My problem is that every few weeks my theme keeps reverting to the default theme (actually the theme that comes with WordPress called “classic”). Now, the thing that makes this different than the many other similar posts in this forum is that WordPress is not switching my theme from a custom theme back to the default theme. I have edited and customized the default theme file and my code has been wiped out and the code for the default theme prevails. That’s right, the actual files are being modified. Could it be a malicious act? I tend to doubt it because not many people read my blog (although I do get lots of spam comments) and none of the content has been tampered with. If so, shouldn’t WordPress be secure enough to prevent such a thing? Or could there be a file on which I have set permissions incorrectly? Is there any other explanation to how a file on my secure server is being replaced periodically? This is getting very frustrating and may result in switching to a different blog platform…

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  • With every WordPress update you will get “new” copies of the WordPress standard themes Classic and Default(Kubrick).

    If you are using a customized version of the actual default theme it would serve you best to copy the default theme folder into another folder and use the copy. The vital part to remember is to make sure to edit the style.css file in the copied folder and change the Theme Name to something, such as, My Theme.

    Hope that helps …

    I originally copied, renamed, and edited one of the themes that came with WordPress and when it reverted to the one called “classic” a few times, I figured why change the actual “classic” theme so that it has nothing to switch to. That was when I learned that the actual “classic” theme was resetting to it’s original code after I had edited it. Sometimes my custom theme would survive an update, and the next time it reverted would not correspond with an update. I just don’t understand.



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    cais is right.

    If you’re going to customise the default or classic theme, make a copy of it and name the new theme folder something like “default2” Edit style.css within this folder and change the theme name to My Default, then activate this new theme. From now on, make all of your changes on the new theme and not on the default theme.

    If you don’t so this, your customisations will be overwritten the next time you upgrade WordPress using the automatic upgrade.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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