• Michael Dance


    Gets the job done, I think. The whole system of adding “themes” for simple forms is a bit much and leads to overly complicated settings pages with lots of “Go Premium!” messages. There doesn’t seem to be a way to include basic unstyled forms, so it’s not very developer-friendly.

    There are also two intrusive admin notifications that you can’t get rid of even after repeatedly closing them. One tells you to install another plugin called Shortcake even though this plugin seems to work fine without it (it even adds an “Install Plugins” page in your admin for this purpose, in the Appearance section for some reason). The other notification tells you to turn on user registrations, even though you might have plenty of good reasons for not doing that.

    Some other areas lack attention to detail…for example if you add a shortcode without certain required attributes, WP will display PHP errors if WP_DEBUG is turned on.

    Probably best for non-technical users who just want to allow registration through some frontend login forms, aren’t doing anything too complicated, and don’t care if the forms have a totally different design from the rest of your site.

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