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  • I really like the idea. It fits in great with professional copywriting processes (IE. listing each variant per section; one after the other as in the screenshot). A perfect fit for user flow as opposed to other options which require you to leave the edit screen to deal with other variations.

    Is there any chance you will be updating this plugin again?

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  • Hi!
    Yes, there will be an update. Please contact me for further discussions regarding your needs!


    The parameter “id” has to be set to a unique name without special chars or spaces.

    I would like to use a feature like this INTENSIVELY, that means knowing EXACTLY which header, style, button, image, text segment/phrase/line version I am dealing with.

    To do that. A clear labeling system is needed. I could use post numbers to identify where the stat is coming from, and can add additional descriptors like so: p61H1v3. but… the more detailed the split test gets, the harder it is to tell what version the stats are displaying. For example does H1 mean <h1> style or does it mean the first header on the page? If you could find a way to allow special characters like “-” then I might differentiate like this: p61H1-1v3 (post 61, H1 style header, first occurrence of H1 styles on the page [“-1”], version 3). If I could use periods as well to help mark things up that would be nice.


    #2. I’d want to use it for investigating sales-copy variations and their effects upon conversions. The problem I am seeing is that A. I don’t understand how to use the "flowsplitreward" thing. Do I have to include it inside of each shortcode? Can it be unique? Can I put it somehow on another page (g. multi page user path testing, did headline on sales page result in both onpage “reward” and subsequent page “reward#2”)?

    B. I would like to place a setting in each shortcode (not in the link) with a unique title of my choice labeling the “reward” type. Eg. “Purchase”, “opt-in”, or if we have to pick just one maybe “Conversion” or “Result” (reward feels less than accurate to me, maybe I’m not understanding it purpose here).

    The reason why I want it in the shortcode and not in the link is because things like headlines, and text segments, don’t have links (for the most part) — but I still want to test their effects on the desired result.

    Finally, since I am requesting features… Let me explain how I think this plugin could become extremely useful in the future.

    What if you could do “epsilon-greedy” testing with every aspect, every item, included in the content? Any segment of text tested, displaying various possibilities, automatically optimized content… written once (with every idea that comes to mind), & checked never. There is SO much potential for a plugin like this!

    A marketers dream!

    But to use it… I’d need to be able to write different options (as it currently works). + have them assigned to a higher level “result” for statistical purposes.

    [flowsplit id="mysalespage1" option="Headline 1 version 1"]This is My First Headline To Test[/flowsplit]
    [flowsplit id="mysalespage1" option="Headline 1 version 2"]I'm Testing This Headline Too[/flowsplit]
    [flowsplit id="mysalespage1" option="Headline 1 version 3"]<img src="AndThisOne-It'sAGraphic.jpg">[/flowsplit]

    Now… Where is my “reward”/”result” code? It’s in the payment or subscription-button link. But we like to have payment buttons all over the place because it increase purchases from the same amount of traffic. So each button will need a code so that the plugin knows that the buttons are where this page’s split test “reward” is being tracked from.

    EG: `<a href=”#” onclick=”flowsplitreward”>
    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”200px” />

    But it doesn’t seem to work outside of the shortcode. And it would only track itself!? (is that right?) So… we need a way to have the split tests on page sections… but the reward tracked from some other part(s) of the page.

    Each page has groups of split tests going on. Each needs a chart. Conversion (aka “reward”) is its own group split-tested (so you can test buttons), but special in that the items from the conversion”reward” group are used as a tracker for the other groups. They don’t need the result being tracked to be inside each shortcode segment; they need it be on the page at least once.>> Click one button, or any of a few button options, and the versions of each split test group that were displayed when one of the buttons labeled with something like


    is clicked.

    Groups: Label groups of shortcode segments being split tested by ID or by group. EG group=”headline” vs. group=”subheadline” vs. group=”MyCustomGroupNameForOtherAreasOfThePage”. If you use “ID” that seems to be how you are displaying them in the admin page. BUT… a dozen posts, each with a few split tests going on… results in a very messy stats page. My proposal: On the stats page where the ID acts as a title; consider changing that to the post or page title and having the various tests on each page displayed in the box (rather than just one for that ID). So: #1. Plugin automatically detects page of use and titles the stats box. #2. The ID or Group function within the shortcodes is disconnected from the stat box title and instead displays above each test groups(id) charts for that page.

    That might all take quite a bit of reading to make sense of. But if you can make those few changes… this plugin will become super useful!

    Thanks for listening. I hope that all makes sense, if any of the points don’t make sense and you would like clarification, just let me know.


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