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    Hi there. I don’t see your feed URL included.

    I think you might have both the featured image set, as well as a body image inserted. Delete the body image to have one image show up.

    If your theme doesn’t show the featured image, and you’re adding a body image so it shows, then either change themes or customize the theme so it displays the featured image – it can be easy or hard, depending on how the theme is coded and styled.

    Feel free to use the Contact link in the plugin’s options screen to connect and we can take a closer look.


    OK if I set my featured images to be my main image in my article….then I’ll have to go back and change every old article ever published (hundreds) or I’m going to have 2 images. That’s the problem. My feed still has two images 🙁

    OK I took a photo out of the top of an article and the double images are still showing up on my feed.

    my feed</> Sorry I didn’t put link before..forgot I had to add text.

    In fact, everytime I make a change in size with this app, it’s not even changing on the RSS…so I’m not sure if the app is even controlling anything that’s going on.

    Plugin Author presswizards


    Hi there,

    It’s a bit confusing, if you don’t use the plugin at all, the body may still show your body image, correct? If not, then you need the plugin… but need to address the double images.

    Then when you add the plugin and set the featured image, the RSS feed is showing two images, or the website is now showing two images? Or Both?

    If it’s the web site, perhaps you could use CSS to globally hide either the featured image or the body image.

    But right now, as I see it your Feedburner feed has 1 small image, and your website category index page for news has 1 image, and the post itself has 1 image. The Time to Get “Unplugged” in Coral Springs post is the one I’m looking at.

    Are you all good now?

    Yes I’ve been working on it for the past few hours……lots of weird stuff. OK it’s all good.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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