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  • I have set up wordpress and install etherpad on the same server. Accessing it works fine, but when i install the wordpress and use the e.g. notepad i get one error in Chrome. Its loading the editor, but then the “Loading” screen does not disappear. The error in the console gives ma a: [2013-12-20 15:54:32.352] [WARN] – handshake error No session cookie transmitted.

    second error.
    If i open it up with Operabrowser. Its telling me: “No access to pad (or something similar (translated that from german))”. The console is telling me: [2013-12-20 15:55:21.742] [WARN] message – Authentication try failed:{“component”:”pad”,”type”:”CLIENT_READY”,”padId”:”g.8oVEBZgX9Nwsm2YE$204a47740598a237b64f3690855e6013″,”sessionID”:”null”,”password”:null,”token”:”t.hVPHLr1TNOSAoKqUugcY”,”protocolVersion”:2}

    The Etherpad Lite URL in wp is: ip-of-my-side:9001

    Please help

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