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  • In case anyone is wondering about the cryptic post (at this time):

    what’s the recommended 1.5.1 > upgrade method?

    Same as 1.5 -> 1.5.1.

    1. Backup your database.
    2. Delete any WP files you haven’t specifically modified. Keep your wp-config.php
    3. Upload all files
    4. Run /wp-admin/upgrade.php


    You might wanna change “In our effort two optimize we” -> “In our effort to optimize we”

    So, if I’m reading correctly, since I haven’t upgraded to 1.5.1, I must do this first and then do the upgrade next?
    Thanks, jim




    No, you can upgrade straight from 1.5 to — I just did.

    The new versions of WordPress are what I could call inclusive releases. That is, they are not incremental updates on previous version, so you could pretty much jump from 1.2.x to just as someone else would jump from 1.5.1 to


    Is there a list of files that were updated in this release so I can just replace them?


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’ll get shot down for this…… always happens.

    If you know what you are doing, this should help:

    If you don’t, then please do the upgrade properly as Cypher has indicated above and which is described in detail elsewhere.

    And before I get flamed ….
    I don’t care if people upgrade or not. What I do care about is that it is done properly so that people do not end up mixing code. When that happens, they post here because things have gone bad, and in the end we find out that the upgrade wasn’t done properly so we advise them to do it and they bawl us out for just trying to help.
    I don’t write the code, I don’t decide what gets written in or out of the program and I do not write the changelogs or file change lists. Why ? Because like the majority of people who use this forum I’ve no clue about PHP.

    Silvetti – that was not directed at you, and if I knew of a list I would tell you 🙂

    podz are these bug fixes caused by upgrading to 1.5.1 or were/are they present in 1.5? I haven’t yet upgraded to 1.5.1, so I’m just weighing the odds on what the best tact is.


    I constantly see a lot are suspicious or worried even with the RSS issue.
    You can upgrade without any problems check out if neccesary the topics about RSS ( use the search option) everything is working very stable if you follow all the instructions with 1.5.1.
    Even if there are some minor bugs it still should not withhold anybody from upgrading.
    I also already upgraded and continuously follow the forum to stay updated.
    As far as I understand there was a serious security issue that is solved far more important then some plugins or a minor RSS problem which is solved already to by some very hard working people behind WordPress.
    It is easy to ask some question but sometimes more difficult to use the option “Search First”.
    I have seen BUGS and security related issues are treated very serious.
    Not only by the makers of WordPress but also by some very dedicated Plugin writers.
    The only thing what I can say with my poor designing is update !
    And if you have a serious question it always is treated very serious or even private if neccesary.

    Jinsan, 1.5.1 fixed a lot of bugs, but introduced a few too, this new release fixes everything under the sun.

    thanks for the reply matt.

    Podz, I assume you’re specifically referring to this page in answering Silvetti. However, that list seems to seriously overstate what files actually changed from 1.5.1 to–somehow I doubt every image file changed to fix two bugs in the RSS and *backs functions.

    I’m really unhappy (which is in my mind, and not the responsibility of WP developers 😉 with this update not having a more finegrained patch available. Is there a good reason why this cannot be done? Having to manage personal/plugin changes to the main codeline for every small release is very much not a good thing for WP overall.

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