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The Comment Content block displays the content of a comment. This block is located inside a Comment Query Loop block and lets you customize the appearance of the comment’s content.

Comment Content block

You can only insert the Comment Content block inside a Comment Template block within the Comment Query Loop block. 

Click the (+) icon inside the comment template block to open the block inserter pop-up window and search for the Comment Content block.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut /comment-content to quickly insert a Comment Content block inside a Comment Template block.

How to quickly add a comment content block

Refer to this article for detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Block toolbar

The block toolbar contains the tools to customize each block. The Comment Content block’s toolbar consists of the following tools:

Block toolbar in the Comment Content block

Transform to

You can transform a Comment Content block into a Columns, or a Group block. 

Transform option in the Comment Content block

Block-moving tools

Block moving tools in the Comment Content block

Use the block-moving tools to move the block up and down inside the editor. Use the six dots icon to drag and drop the Comment Content block and reposition it anywhere on the editor. Alternatively, click on the up and down arrows to move the block up or down the editor.

Change text alignment

Change text alignment in the Comment Content block

Text alignment options let you align the content of a comment towards the left, center, or right.

More options


More options in the Comment Content block

Click on the three dots icon to show more block options. A drop-down menu with these actions will appear:

  • Show/Hide more settings opens or closes the block settings panel on the editor’s sidebar. Its functionality is similar to clicking the cog icon next to the Publish button.
  • Select parent block will move you to the parent block that contains the Comment Author name block.
  • Copy adds the Comment Author block into the clipboard. Then, you can paste it anywhere you want in the block editor.
  • Duplicate creates a copy of the selected block that appears after the current block.
  • Insert before adds a new block before the selected block(s).
  • Insert after adds a new block after the selected block(s).
  • Lock lets you prevent users from moving or deleting the selected block. A pop-up window will appear to set the block locking attribute to the selected block. You can opt to disable movement, prevent removal, or both for the selected block.
  • Add to Reusable blocks makes the selected block a reusable block. A pop-up window will appear to set the name for the block.
  • Group turns the selected block(s) into a group of blocks so you can configure them as a unit.
  • Remove Comment Content deletes the selected block from the content.

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Block settings

Every block has specific options in the editor sidebar in addition to the options found in the block toolbar. If you do not see the sidebar, simply click the ‘cog’ icon.

Cog icon to display the Block sidebar

Here are the options for the Comment Content block:

Color settings

The comment content block lets you customize the text, and background colors.

Click on any of the options to change the color. Choose from the default color or click the upper rectangle area to pick a custom color using the color picker.

Color settings in the Comment Content block

Typography settings

Typography settings in the Comment Content block

The Typography section allows you to change the following settings:

Font family

Use the drop-down menu to select the available font family.

Font size

Select one of the four font sizes. Alternatively, you can use a custom font size by clicking the slider icon and specifying the font size in PX, EM, or REM units.


Customize how the text appears, whether bold, italic, or a combination of both.

Line height

Define the line height for the comment author name block.

Letter case

Choose between uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize letter case.

Letter spacing

Define the space between letters in the comment author name block. To define the letter spacing, you can choose between PX, %, EM, REM, VW, and VH units.

To access all the typography options click on the 3-dot button in the right corner of the Typography tab. You also have the option to Reset all the typography changes you made by clicking on the Reset all option in the dropdown.

Reset all in the in the Comment Content block

Dimensions settings

Dimension settings in the Comment Content block

The Dimensions settings let you customize the padding for the block. Padding is the space between the block outline and the block content.

Select one of six available units to specify the padding:

  • PX
  • %
  • EM
  • REM
  • VW
  • VH

You can unlink sides for padding by clicking the buttons on the right. This allows you to set a different value for each side.

Advanced settings

The “Advanced” tab lets you add CSS class(es) to your block. This will allow you to write custom CSS and styles to the block.

Advanced settings in the Comment Content block


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