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YouTube Embed

A simple to use method of embedding responsive YouTube videos into your posts and pages but with powerful features for those that need them.

I've upgraded to version 4 (or above) from an earlier version and I was using the widget feature to display videos

I previously allowed some, although not all, parameters to be specified within the widget. However, as you can simply create your own profile for widgets I have removed this and, without leaving lots of redundant code behind, it was difficult to keep this backwards compatible.

Therefore, if you're upgrading you may find your widgets don't now display correctly. The best thing to do, beforehand if you can, is to create a profile just for the widgets and assign that to each. You'll probably find the video size is the bit most likely to cause issues. Apologies for this.

How do I find the ID of a YouTube video?

If you play a YouTube video, look at the URL - it will probably look something like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Y4qzc_JTg.

The video ID is the list of letters and numbers after v=, in this case L5Y4qzc_JTg.

The video output is overlapping or stuttering

If you go into the Profile screen in Administration there is a "Window Mode" option. This defines how Flash output interacts with any other around it. "Window" is the default and gives good performance but may cause overlapping. If overlapping is causing an issue try "Opaque".

I'm getting an error saying that "an alternative plugin is using the [youtube ] shortcode"

As this suggests another plugin that you have installed is using the same shortcode as YouTube Embed. That means that use of the youtube shortcode won't work. You have 2 possible actions to take...

  1. Disable the conflicting plugin. If it's Jetpack then you can disable the Shortcode Embeds module.
  2. Leave it as it is and use the option to use a second shortcode with this plugin. Head to the YouTube Embed settings screen and you can set up a secondary shortcode. You can also switch off the nag message too from here.

The "autostart" feature is not working in iOS

Unfortunately, this is a restriction that has been put in place by Apple.

I can't get the video to play at a specific resolution by default

There is no way to specify this - YouTube makes the decision on which version to play depending on a number of factors.

There are black borders on top/underneath my video

This is usually due to using a different ratio than the video was designed for. If you're not sure which ratio to use head to its page on YouTube, click on Share and then Embed and then Show More. A video size will be shown, which you can use to work out the correct ration for the video.

The controls under the video don't display properly when using Firefox

This is a bug in Firefox. Short term, switch on SSL in the Profiles screen and it will work. Longer term, I've raised a bug report with Mozilla.

The generated code does not cleanly validate

No, by default it doesn't but it works absolutely fine as it. However, if you really must cleanly validate against HTML5 or transitional XHTML then head into the YouTube Embed settings screen and you'll find an option to "Improve Validation". Tick this and Save and it should validate.... UNLESS you have the metadata option switched on, in which case it won't validate still (sorry, I'm a slave to Google on this one!). Switch that off though and you're 100%.

One thing to note - by switching on "Improve Validation" you'll extend the length of the URL line that's passed to YouTube. Please see the next FAQ to understand this better.

I'm getting the error "The maximum URL length has been exceeded" when trying to view a video

When embedding a video a URL for YouTube is generated - this contains all the non-default parameters that you've specified and, if you've created a manual playlist, all of the video IDs. Unfortunately, URLs can only be 2000 characters in size. If this is exceeded you'll get the above error message when you try and view the video.

The solution is to reduce this down by reducing down your playlist or, if you have the "Improve Validation" settings switched on, switching that back off.

I have another issue or a request

Before reporting it please bear in mind that this plugin uses the standard YouTube API. Adding extra functionality to the player itself is not possible and there are known issues with it. I would also recommend performing a Google search for your issue too first, as this will often resolve a lot of queries.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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