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WP Super Cache

A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files.


  • Fixed bug when not running sem_remove after sem_release. See https://github.com/Automattic/wp-super-cache/issues/85
  • Fixed a PHP error impacting PHP 7.1.
  • Fixed a bug where we cached PUT and DELETE requests. We're treating them like POST requests now.
  • Delete supercache cache files, even when supercache is disabled, because mod_rewrite rules might still be active.
  • Updated the settings page, moving things around. #173
  • Make file locking less attractive on the settings page and fixed the WPSC_DISABLE_LOCKING constant so it really disables file locking even if the user has enabled it already.
  • Added a WPSC_REMOVE_SEMAPHORE constant that must be defined if sem_remove() is to be used as it may cause problems. #174
  • Added a "wpsc_delete_related_pages_on_edit" filter that on returning 0 will disable deletion of pages outside of page being edited. #175
  • Fixed plugin deleting all cached pages when a site had a static homepage. #175
  • Make sure $cache_path has a trailing slash #177
  • Remove flush() #127 but also check if headers are empty and flush and get headers again. #179
  • Add fix for customizer #161 and don't cache PUT AND DELETE requests #178
  • Check for superglobals before using them. #131


  • Removed malware URL in a code comment. (harmless to operation of plugin but gets flagged by A/V software)
  • Updated translation file.


  • Update the settings page for WordPress 4.4. layout changes.



  • Enhancement: Only preload public post types. Props webaware.
  • Added an uninstall function that deletes the config file. Deactivate function doesn't delete it any more.
  • Possible to deactivate the plugin without visiting the settings page now.
  • Fixed the cache rebuild system. Rebuild files now survive longer than the request that generate them.
  • Minor optimisations: prune_super_cache() exits immediately if the file doesn't exist. The output of wp_cache_get_cookies_values() is now cached.
  • Added PHP pid to the debug log to aid debugging.
  • Various small bug fixes.
  • Fixed reset of expiry time and GC settings when updating advanced settings.
  • Removed CacheMeta class to avoid APC errors. It's not used any more.
  • Fixed reset of advanced settings when using "easy" settings page.
  • Fixed XSS in settings page.
  • Hide cache files when servers display directory indexes.
  • Prevent PHP object injection through use of serialize().


  • Fixed fatal error in output handler if GET parameters present in query. Props webaware.
  • Fixed debug log. It wasn't logging the right message.


  • Security release fixing an XSS bug in the settings page. Props Marc Montpas from Sucuri.
  • Added wp_debug_log(). Props Jen Heilemann.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Fixed "acceptable file list".
  • Fixed "Don't cache GET requests" feature.
  • Maybe fixed "304 not modified" problem for some users.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.


  • Fixed XSS in settings page. Props Simon Waters, Surevine Limited.
  • Fix to object cache so entries may now be deleted when posts updated. (object cache still experimental)
  • Documentation updates and cleanup of settings page.


  • Replace legacy mfunc/mnclude/dynamic-cached-content functionality with a "wpsc_cachedata" cacheaction filter.
  • Added dynamic-cache-test.php plugin example wpsc_cachedata filter plugin.
  • Delete post, tag and category cache when a post changes from draft to publish or vice versa. Props @Biranit.
  • Update advanced-cache.php and wp-config.php if wp-cache-phase1.php doesn't load, usually happening after migrating to a new hosting service.
  • Misc bugfixes.


  • Any mfunc/mclude/dynamic-cached-content tags in comments are now removed.
  • Dynamic cached content feature disabled by default and must be enabled on the Advanced Settings page.
  • Support for the mobile theme in Jetpack via helper plugin on script's Plugins tab.


  • Minor updates to documentation
  • Fixed XSS in settings page.


  • mfunc tags could be executed in comments. Fixed.
  • More support for sites that use the LOGGED_IN_COOKIE constant and custom cookies.


  • Garbage collection of old cache files is significantly improved. I added a scheduled job that keeps an eye on things and restarts the job if necessary. Also, if you enable caching from the Easy page garbage collection will be enabled too.
  • Editors can delete single cached files from the admin bar now.
  • Fixed the cached page counter on the settings page.
  • Some sites that updated to 1.0 experienced too much garbage collection. There are still stragglers out there who haven't upgraded but that's fixed now!
  • Supercached mobile files are now used as there was a tiny little typo that needed fixing.
  • If your site is in a directory and you saw problems updating a page then that should be fixed now.
  • The deactivate hook has been changed so your configuration isn.t hosed when you upgrade. Unfortunately this will only happen after you do this upgrade.
  • Some sites use custom cookies with the LOGGED_IN_COOKIE constant. Added support for that.
  • Added support for WPTouch Pro, but it appears to be flaky still. Anyone have time to work on that? I don.t.
  • Some sites had problems with scheduled posts. For some reason the plugin thought the post was in draft mode and then because it only checked the same post once, when the post magically became published the cache wasn.t cleared. That.s fixed, thanks to the debug logging of several patient users.
  • And more bug fixes and translation updates.


  • Use $_SERVER[ 'SERVER_NAME' ] to create cache directories.
  • Only create blogs cached directories if valid requests and blogs exist.
  • Only clear current blog's cache files if navigation menu is modified
  • Added clean_post_cache action to clear cache on post actions
  • Removed garbage collection details on Contents tab
  • Added wp_cache_check_mobile cacheaction filter to shortcircuit mobile device check.
  • Don't delete cache files for draft posts
  • Added action on wp_trash_post to clear the cache when trashed posts are deleted
  • Show a warning when 304 browser caching is disabled (because mod_rewrite caching is on)
  • New check for safe mode if using less that PHP 5.3.0
  • Added wp_supercache_remove_cookies filter to disable anonymous browsing mode.
  • Fixed garbage collection schedule dropdown
  • Fixed preload problem clearing site's cache on "page on front" sites.
  • Fix for PHP variable not defined warnings
  • Fixed problem refreshing cache when comments made as siteurl() sometimes didn't work
  • Preloading of taxonomies is now optional
  • Domain mapping fixes.
  • Better support for https sites. Remove https:// to get cache paths.
  • Added AddDefaultCharset .htaccess rule back in and added an option to remove it if required.
  • Added multisite plugin that adds a "Cached" column to Network->Sites to disable caching on a per site basis.
  • Added WPTouch plugin to modify browser and prefix list in mobile detection code. Added support for that plugin's exclude list.
  • Fixed cache tester
  • Filter the tags that are used to detect end-of-page using the wp_cache_eof_tags filter.
  • Removed debug level from logging as it wasn't helpful.
  • Removed mention of wp-minify.


  • Removed AddDefaultCharset .htaccess rule
  • Fixed problem with blogs in a folder and don't have a trailing slash
  • New scheduling of garbage collection
  • Added a "Delete cache" link to admin bar to delete cache of current page.
  • Updated documentation
  • Sorry Digg, Stephen Fry power now!
  • Updated translations
  • Preload taxonomies and all post types except revisionsand nav menu items
  • Fixed previews by logged in users.
  • Added option to make logged in users anonymous
  • Use WP 3.0 variables to detect multisite installs
  • Hash filenames so files are served from the same CDNs

  • Fixed typo, is_front_page.
  • Serve repeated static files from the same CDN hostname.
  • Updated translations.
  • Make supercache dir lowercase to avoid problems with unicode URLs.
  • Add option to skip https loaded static content.
  • Remove 5 second check on age of existing cache files. Should help with posts that get lots of comments and traffic.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.

  • CDN updates: can be switched off, multiple CNAMEs.
  • Uninstall process improved. It removes generated files and fixes edited files.
  • Cached dynamic pages can now be stored in Supercache files and compressed.
  • 1and1 Webhosting fix (/kunden/)
  • Remove log by email functionality as it caused problems for users who were inundated by email
  • Many more minor fixes and changes.

  • Fixed problem serving cached files with PHP
  • Added support for 304 "file not modified" header to help browser caching. (PHP caching only)
  • Added French & German translations, updated Italian translation and fixed translation strings.
  • Sleep 4 seconds between preload urls to reduce load on the server
  • Updated docs and FAQs.

  • Disable compression on on easy setup page. Still causes problems on some hosts.
  • Remove footerlink on easy setup page.
  • Don't delete mod_rewrite rules when caching is disabled.
  • Don't stop users using settings page when in safe mode.

  • Settings page split into tabbed pages.
  • Added new "Easy" settings page for new users.
  • New PHP caching mode to serve supercached files.
  • Mobile support fixes.
  • Added Domain mapping support plugin.
  • Added "awaiting moderation" plugin that removes that text from posts.
  • Terminology change. Changed "half on" to "legacy caching".
  • Fixed cache tester on some installs of WordPress.
  • Updated documentation
  • Added $wp_super_cache_lock_down config variable to hide lockdown and directly cached pages admin items.
  • Preloaded checks if it has stalled and reschedules the job to continue.
  • Serve the gzipped page when first cached if the client supports compression.
  • Lots more bug fixes..

  • Fixed division by zero error in half on mode.
  • Always show "delete cache" button.
  • Fixed "Update mod_rewrite rules" button.
  • Minor text changes to admin page.

  • Forgot to change version number in wp-cache.php

  • Added preloading of static cache.
  • Better mobile plugin support
  • .htaccess rules can be updated now. Added wpsc_update_htaccess().
  • Fixed "page on front" cache clearing bug.
  • Check for wordpress_logged_in cookie so test cookie isn't detected.
  • Added clear_post_supercache() to clear supercache for a single post.
  • Put quotes around rewrite rules in case paths have spaces.


  • Added experimental object cache support.
  • Added Chinese(Traditional) translation by Pseric.
  • Added FAQ on WP-Cache vs Supercache files.
  • Use Supercache file if WP-Cache file not found. Useful if mod_rewrite rules are broken or not working.
  • Get mobile browser list from WP Mobile Edition if found. Warn user if .htaccess out of date.
  • Make sure writer lock is unlocked after writing cache files.
  • Added link to developer docs in readme.
  • Added Ukranian translation by Vitaly Mylo.
  • Added Upgrade Notice section to readme.
  • Warn if zlib compression in PHP is enabled.
  • Added compression troubleshooting answer. Props Vladimir (http://blog.sjinks.pro/)
  • Added Japanese translation by Tai (http://tekapo.com/)
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Link to WP Mobile Edition from admin page for mobile support.


  • Added Spanish translation by Omi.
  • Added Italian translation by Gianni Diurno.
  • Addded advanced debug code to check front page for category problem. Enable by setting $wp_super_cache_advanced_debug to 1 in the config file.
  • Fixed wordpress vs wordpress_logged_in cookie mismatch in cookie checking function.
  • Correctly check if WP_CACHE is set or not. PHP is weird.
  • Added wp_cache_clear_cache() to clear out cache directory.
  • Only show logged in message when debugging enabled.
  • Added troubleshooting point 20. PHP vs Apache user.
  • Fixed problem deleting cache file.
  • Don't delete cache files when moderated comments are deleted.


  • Fixed problem with blogs in folders.
  • Added cache file listing and delete links to admin page.
  • Added "Newest Cached Pages" listing in sidebox.
  • Made admin page translatable.
  • Added "How do I make certain parts of the page stay dynamic?" to FAQ.
  • Advanced: added "late init" feature so that plugin activates on "init". Set $wp_super_cache_late_init to true in config file to use.
  • Disable supercaching when GET parameters present instead of disabling all caching. Disable on POST (as normal) and preview.
  • Fixed problem with cron job and mutex filename.
  • Warn users they must enable mobile device support if rewrite rules detected. Better detection of when to warn that .htaccess rules must be updated (no need when rewrite rules not present)
  • Advanced: Added "wpsupercache_404" filter. Return true to cache 404 error pages.
  • Use the wordpress_test_cookie in the cache key.
  • Show correct number of cache files when compression off.
  • Fixed problem with PHP safe_mode detection.
  • Various bugfixes and documentation updates. See Changelog.txt

  • Move "not logged in" message init below check for POST.
  • Add is_admin() check so plugin definitely can't cache the backend.
  • Add "do not cache" page type to admin page.


  • Add uninstall.php uninstall script.
  • Updated cache/.htaccess rules (option to upgrade that)
  • Added FAQ about category and static homepage problem.
  • Add wp_cache_user_agent_is_rejected() back to wp-cache-phase2.php
  • Show message for logged in users when caching disable for them.
  • Check filemtime on correct supercache file


  • Show next and last GC times in minutes, not local time.
  • Don't serve wp_cache cache files to rejected user agents. Supercache files are still served to them.
  • If enabled, mobile support now serves php cached files to mobile clients and static cached files to everyone else.
  • Added checks for "WPSC_DISABLE_COMPRESSION" and "WPSC_DISABLE_LOCKING" constants to disable compression and file locking. For hosting companies primarily.
  • Added check for DONOTCACHEPAGE constant to avoid caching a page.
  • Use PHP_DOCUMENT_ROOT when creating .htaccess if necessary.

  1. Added "Don't cache for logged in users" option.
  2. Display file size stats on admin page.
  3. Clear the cache when profile page is updated.
  4. Don't cache post previews.
  5. Added backslashes to rejected URI regex list.
  6. Fixed problems with posts and comments not refreshing.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 1+ million


4.3 out of 5 stars


7 of 120 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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