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The NEW WordPress Mobile Pack allows you to 'package' your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.

The WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and repurposed to empower bloggers, publishers and other content creators to go beyond responsiveness and 'appify' the content of their blog.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ is supported on: iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS. Compatible browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Android - Native Browser, Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox.

The pack has been tested on WordPress 3.5 and later. Please read the Known issues and limitations list before installing.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ eliminates the hassle of dealing with high development costs, approval processes with various app stores, poor discoverability due to the closed environment of native apps and finally, one of the biggest injustices aimed towards the publishing industry in general - the shared revenue constraint.

What the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ enables you to do:

  • Cross-platform mobile web applications. All it takes for a mobile web application to run is a modern mobile browser (HTML5 compatible), thus allowing readers to instantly have access to your content, without needing to go through an app store, download & install the app.

  • Responsive UI. The mobile web application is sensitive to various screen sizes and orientation changes: landscape, portrait. In other words, the look and feel of the mobile web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of users' devices.

  • Theming. You can offer your users an exceptional reading experience by giving them a mobile web application with a native app-like look & feel. The default theme comes with 6 abstract covers that are randomly displayed on the loading screen to give the app a magazine flavour. More themes available in WP Mobile Pack PRO.

  • Customize appearance. Once a favourite theme has been selected, you can customize the colors & fonts, add your logo and graphic elements that can relate to your blog's identity. More customization options available in WP Mobile Pack PRO.

  • Posts Sync. The posts inside the mobile web application are organized into their corresponding categories, thus readers can simply swipe through articles and jump from category to category in a seamless way.

  • Pages Sync. Choose what pages you want to display on your mobile web application. You can edit, show/hide different pages and order them according to your needs.

  • Comments Sync. All the comments that are displayed in the blog are also synchronized into the mobile web application. On top of that, comments that are posted from within the app are also displayed on the blog. Social media features are available in WP Mobile Pack PRO.

  • Analytics. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 easily integrates with Google Analytics.

  • Add to Homescreen. Readers can add the mobile web application to their homescreen and run it in full-screen mode.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ also comes with a PRO version which can be purchased here. WordPress Mobile Pack PRO is a self-hosted solution suited for personal blogs and small publishers that comes with:

  • 5 App Themes (fully customizable)
  • Social Features (Facebook, Twitter & Google+)
  • Monetization Options (Google AdSense & Double Click for Publishers)
  • 1 Year of Professional Support
  • Ongoing Features & Security Updates
  • Single WordPress Site License

Here are some walkthrough videos that can get you started with WordPress Mobile Pack PRO:

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ can also be extended to a Premium Cloud Solution by connecting it with Appticles.com. This is suited for professional blogs, agencies & publishing companies. Some of the benefits of going Premium with Appticles:

  • Phablets & Tablets Support. Turn your blog into an amazing tablet web application. The look and feel of the web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of your users' device.

  • Unlimited Themes & Custom Appearance. Dozens of themes to choose from. Customize the colors & fonts, add your logo and personalize your app to craft your brand identity.

  • Unlimited Content Sources. Repurpose your existing social content into a personalized mobile & tablet web application that tells a story: Your story.

  • Unlimited Applications. Have as many mobile & tablet web applications as you need, supported on iOS, Android, Windows 8, FirefoxOS, Tizen.

  • Monetization. Start making money by connecting your ad units from Google Adsense and Double Click for Publishers.

  • Offline Mode. Keep your mobile readers always in touch with your content, even in offline mode.

For previous versions, check out the 'Change log' page.

We enjoy writing and maintaining this plugin. If you like it too, please rate us. But if you don't, let us know how we can improve it.

Have fun on your mobile adventures.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


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