WP-Live Chat by 3CX


Connect with your website visitors for free with the WP-Live Chat plugin by 3CX. With more than 1,500,000 downloads, WP-Live Chat is the most popular, effective and reliable live chat plugins for WordPress. Watch your conversions sky rocket by communicating directly with your website visitors in real-time.


  • No hidden costs, it’s free
  • Unlimited agents
  • Initiate live chats with website visitors
  • Agent to agent chats
  • Live chat with your website visitors
  • Transfer chats to another agents
  • Set up departments
  • Easy to use interface for both the admin and the visitor
  • Ability to edit text fields and colors of the chat box
  • Users can drag the live chat box around their page
  • Create a custom offline message form when agents are offline
  • Storage of offline messages when plugin is switched off
  • 6 live chat box themes
  • Fully customizable
  • Apply animations to the chat window
  • Access historical live chat records
  • Use of 3CX Live Chat Servers for sending and receiving chats at lightning fast speeds
  • Compatible with translation plugins
  • Add surveys or polls to your chat box, before or after a chat session
  • Anonymity for your visitors
  • Automatic pop-up of chat box
  • Ability to only show the chat box to registered users
  • Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded via Ajax)
  • Desktop Notifications when a new live chat comes in
  • View missed live chats
  • Set the starting position of your chat box
  • Comprehensive list of live chat options
  • Enable/Disable the sound when a new live chat message is received
  • Ban visitors from chatting to you based on IP Address
  • Select whether Name and Email is required when users initiate a chat
  • See what your users are typing before they send their message
  • Quick Responses (insert a predefined response to your live chat box)
  • Data triggers (time trigger, scroll trigger, page trigger, on page leave trigger)
  • Reporting (chat stats, popular pages, ROI tracking and reporting, customer satisfaction ratings)
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for each chat session
  • ROI tracking
  • Add your company logo to the live chat window
  • Add your photo to the live chat window
  • Include/exclude the live chat from appearing on certain pages
  • Choose when to accept chats

Get WP-Live Chat by 3CX for free!

30 second live chat installation

Our live chat plugin instantly gives you the ability to chat directly with existing or potential customers and website visitors in real-time. Agents can initiate a live chat with a visitor or vice versa. Increase your website conversion rates by providing real time live support and assistance.

Quick Overview

Once the live chat plugin is activated, click on “Live Chat” in the left menu navigation. As soon as a visitor lands on your website, their details will be displayed in the live chat control panel. A live chat box will be displayed on their screen. If they fill out their details and click “Start chat”, a ringing sound will trigger in your live chat control panel. Once you accept the chat, you can converse with your visitor.

Using WP-Live Chat by 3CX effectively on your website

One of the most important tasks is to convert visitors into customers. Whether that’s by filling in your contact form or using your free trial, conversions matter. A lot. What better way to make sure you don’t lose a potential customer than by conversing with them real-time, while they’re still on your site.

  • Easy and convenient for visitors
  • Live chat build rapport with your potential customers
  • Increase sales
  • No hidden fees. It’s free
  • Reduce costs by using live chat on your website with minimum staff
  • Learn to understand the pain points of your customers

Have the choice to use your website or our server to host your live chat

You now have the choice to host your live chat on either your own website (using your own resources) or our live chat server (using our resources). Making use of our live chat server will improve your chat’s performance by up to 300% and reduce the load on your host.

External/3rd Party Services

WP-Live Chat by 3CX makes use of the external services listed below in order to add functionality to the plugin and enrich the user experience.

WP Live Chat Activation API (https://activation.wp-livechat.com) (Required)

We use a server side generated unique identifier (GUID) in order to guarantee proper identification and secure communication between agents and visitors connected to same website. This is needed because a client side identifier could be spoofed. The only information sent with this API is your website URL, so your personal data is not sent to our servers. We only store website URLs and corresponding GUID. WP-Live Chat by 3CX Privacy Policy: https://www.3cx.com/wp-live-chat/privacy-policy/

Google App Engine (https://cloud.google.com/appengine/) (Optional)

We use Google App Engine to spawn or despawn multiregional low latency chat servers depending on chat load. This service is optional, and is not enabled by default. You can enable this service from within the Advanced Features settings menu. Google App Engine Privacy Policy: https://cloud.google.com/security/privacy/

Gravatar (https://en.gravatar.com/) (Required)

We use Gravatars to generate user and agent avatars within the live chat environemnt. This process is anonymized using the hashed email address of the visitor or agent respectively. Gravatar Privacy Policy: https://automattic.com/privacy/


  • English
  • German (Dennis Klinger & Benjamin Schindler)
  • Spanish (Sergio Castrillon & Ana Ayelen Martinez & Olivier Gantois)
  • Russian (Igor Butsky)
  • French (Marcello Cavallucci & Olivier Gantois)
  • Brazilian (Gustavo Silva)
  • Hebrew (David Cohen)
  • Slovakian (Dana Kadarova)
  • Swedish (Tobias Sernhede – adser.se)
  • Mongolian (Monica Batuskh)
  • Romanian (Sergiu Balaes)
  • Czech (Pavel Cvejn)
  • Danish (Mikkel Jeppesen Juhl & Kasper Jensen)
  • Italian (Angelo Giammarresi)
  • Dutch (Elsy Aelvoet)
  • Greek (Peter Stavropoulos)
  • Norwegian (Robert Nilsen & Ole Petter Holthe-Berg)
  • Hungarian (GInception & Andor Molnar)
  • Indonesian (Andrie Willyanta)
  • Finnish (Arttu Piipponen)
  • Dutch (Niek Groot Bleumink)
  • Polish (Sebastian Kajzer)
  • Turkish (Yavuz Aksu)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Luis Simioni)
  • Farsi (Maisam)
  • Croatian (Petar Garzina)
  • Chinese – Simplified^
  • Chinese – Traditional^


  • Customer UI of WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • Live Chat Agent UI of WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • GDPR and Privacy Policy Agreement Dialog of WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • Dashboard with Chat Statistics available in WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • Live Chat Management UI for Agents in WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • Settings page in WP-Live Chat by 3CX
  • Chatbox Style Customization for WP-Live Chat by 3CX


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

WP Live Chat Box
WP Live Chat Trigger


  1. Once activated, click the “Live Chat” link under your settings tabs.
  2. Go to any page on your site and initiate a chat.


I’ve installed the live chat plugin, now what?

Once installed and activated, a link should appear in your left navigation panel within your WP-ADMIN section. Click on the “Live Chat” link and follow the on screen instructions.

Where can I find documentation for WP-Live Chat by 3CX?

Please review the live chat documentation on our website.

Does WP-Live Chat by 3CX connect to a third party server?

By default, yes, it connects to our own prioprietory Live Chat Servers to ensure high speed chat delivery & our activation server for automatic license provisioning. The plugin can be ran in on-premise mode which uses your own installation as the chat server, in this case, only the activation server is contacted.

What are desktop notifications?

Desktop notifications are notifications that will appear on the bottom right of your screen when a new live chat is received. This feature is supported in all browsers except Microsoft Edge.

Can my visitors start a live chat without entering their name and email address?

Yes. This option is available on the live chat settings page.

How does WP-Live Chat by 3CX notify me of an incoming live chat?

You will be notificed of a new live chat by means of email, audio and desktop notifications.

Can I see if I missed any live chats that I may not have answered in time?

Yes. To view the list of live chats you missed, go to ‘Live Chat’ -> ‘Missed Chats’


If you’re experiencing issues running WP-Live Chat by 3CX, please take note of the following:

  • Clear your browser cache & cookies.
  • Uninstall all old versions of the plugin and install the latest.

If the live chat box still does not appear on your website, please go through the following steps:

  • Please ensure your theme’s footer.php file has the following line before the closing body tag:
  • Ensure that no other plugins are causing JavaScript errors on your website. This could interfere with the execution of our plugin’s JavaScript.
  • If you need more help, please use the support forum


August 10, 2019
Major bugs that make core functionalities of the plugin unusable do not get resolved. The author of the plugin marks support issues as resolved even when they're not. The major vulnerabilities that were uncovered a few months ago should give an idea of the work ethic applied on this plugin.
August 4, 2019
It was working well for some time, then all of a sudden I get ad redirects from my website. After researching the problem turned out to be caused by this plugin, I removed it and it's good again. DO NOT INSTALL
August 2, 2019
Hello support team i have one issue in this plugin.the attachment not work.it always alert invalid file type if my file format is right .please help me .
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Contributors & Developers

“WP-Live Chat by 3CX” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WP-Live Chat by 3CX” has been translated into 10 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “WP-Live Chat by 3CX” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


  • 8.1.1 – 2019-10-17
  • Fixed js error in “Open chat window via” feature
  • Fixed escaping issue in agent history
  • Fixed wrong behaviour in “Open chat window via” feature, chat does not re-open if user minimized it
  • Changed translation domain to plugin slug wp-live-chat-support for wordpress translator compatibility
  • Fixed some double slashes in image urls
  • Added some missing translation strings
  • Fixed some invalid z-index values

= 8.1.0 – 2019-10-15
* “Request a new chat” now ends user’s session
* “The chat has been ended by the operator” Changed to: “The chat has been ended by the agent”.
* ‘Play a sound when there is a new visitor’ is now enabled by default on new installations.
* Added IP to Chat History page
* Added Ukraine Language files (Thanks to Volodymyr Kryvutsa)
* Added a max field validation for name-email
* Added additional checking in shortcode
* Added check when viewing the history page of a non existing chat to prevent errors from showing
* Added custom parameters field + readonly for presets
* Added email validation check
* Added focus to textbox after adding a quick response
* Added functionality to disable the online/offline button for 3 seconds after each press.
* Added functions for loading/saving/parsing chat preview configuration
* Added functions for loading/saving/parsing sound configuration
* Added missing checks for encryption
* Added missing function for on-premise mode ‘Agents can set their online status’
* Added missing wplc_delete_db_on_uninstall parameter to defaults
* Added nonce to API Token regeneration
* Added nonce to Missed Chat Deletion to mitigate CSRF
* Added nonce to Trigger status change
* Added option/functionality to remove db entries on uninstall
* Added reload for on-premise dashboard when status changes
* Added sanitisation to mail input field
* Added server side session control/validation for the front-end user
* Added strisplashes to fields in general settings page (using ‘ don’t adds /)
* Added translations for dashboard
* Added url decorator in chat messages
* Added wplc_get_theme() function with default fallback
* Added wplivechat.pot template translation
* Additional Escaping in settings page, surveys, custom fields, data triggers, roi.
* Adjusted function in webhooks to use prepared statement
* Adjusted the Menu item permissions for agents. Only Live Chat, History, Missed Chats and Offline messages are now shown
* Allow agents of a department to see visitors who haven’t selected a department
* Changed “Request new chat” To “End Chat” in functions.php when a chat ends after waiting for 1 minute with no answer.
* Changed label and tooltip of 3CX Chat server mode setting
* Chat history design adjustments when using Cloud server mode
* Chat page design adjustments when in on-premise mode
* Cleaned up avatar code
* Cleaned up business hours configuration
* Cleaned up departments code
* Cleaned up tcx_disable_add_message
* Cleaned up tcx_in_dashboard
* Cleaned up wp_auto_online
* Cleaned up wplc_api_agent_email_notification_mrg()
* Cleaned up wplc_auto_pop_up code
* Cleaned up wplc_delay param, moved to js array
* Cleaned up wplc_delay_between_loops
* Cleaned up wplc_delete_db_on_uninstall
* Cleaned up wplc_disable_emojis
* Cleaned up wplc_disable_initiate_chat
* Cleaned up wplc_disabled => forced to be always assigned
* Cleaned up wplc_display_to_loggedin_only
* Cleaned up wplc_elem_trigger_action
* Cleaned up wplc_elem_trigger_id => reimplemented as array wplc_elem_trigger
* Cleaned up wplc_elem_trigger_type
* Cleaned up wplc_enable_all_admin_pages
* Cleaned up wplc_enable_encryption
* Cleaned up wplc_enable_transcripts
* Cleaned up wplc_enable_voice_notes_on_admin
* Cleaned up wplc_enable_voice_notes_on_visitor
* Cleaned up wplc_et_email_body
* Cleaned up wplc_et_email_footer
* Cleaned up wplc_et_email_header
* Cleaned up wplc_exclude_archive
* Cleaned up wplc_exclude_from_pages
* Cleaned up wplc_exclude_home
* Cleaned up wplc_exclude_post_types
* Cleaned up wplc_include_on_pages
* Cleaned up wplc_iterations
* Cleaned up wplc_loggedin_user_info
* Cleaned up wplc_make_agent
* Cleaned up wplc_require_user_info * forced meaningful values: both, name, email, none instead of mixup of numbers and strings
* Cleaned up wplc_rest_api_enabled
* Cleaned up wplc_restapi_nonce, set default null
* Cleaned up wplc_return_user_chat_messages
* Cleaned up wplc_send_transcripts_when_chat_ends
* Cleaned up wplc_show_chat_detail in wplc_u_admin_chatbox_ui_events.js
* Cleaned up wplc_use_node_server
* Cleanup for unused tcx_send_msg elements and deprecated functions
* Custom Fields * added validation on field name
* Custom fields * added cancel button
* Custom fields * added code to switch between text/dropdown
* Default null for wplc_agent_name and wplc_agent_email
* Departments are now considered beta
* Disable Gutenberg blocks and shortcode if the option is disabled in the settings
* Disabled google analytics for now
* Disabled possibility for an agent to chat to himself
* Don’t send a request to get_messages rest-api endpoint if the chat is not active
* Doubled timeout for long poll
* Ensure default theme is selected for new installations
* Ensured desktop notifications include new notification icon
* Escape Quick Responses in admin area
* Exposed wplc_delay_between_updates parameter
* Extra escaping for custom fields
* Fifth and last batch wp_localize_script fixed
* First batch wp_localize_script fixed
* Fixed %message serialization issue
* Fixed 22 possible SQL injections in functions.php
* Fixed API endpoint when agent is ending a chat.
* Fixed Able to load image from another site with img tag * added proper sanitization and checks, any message containing a valid gif url is rendered as image
* Fixed Add GDPR retention period field validation for number range
* Fixed Attachments, links and other elements not showing correctly in chat
* Fixed Auto-responder ‘From’ email does nothing.
* Fixed Chat box for logged in users only
* Fixed Download Historical chat returns only last 100 chats of conversation * increased to 1000
* Fixed Exception in custom fields
* Fixed Exception in settings page
* Fixed Make OnPremise and Server mode into radio boxes instead of a checkbox.
* Fixed Minor text changes for on-premise
* Fixed Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-live-chat-support/includes/wplc_data_triggers.php on line 631
* Fixed Offline form message endlessly adding \ every time you save your settings
* Fixed On Premise: Images sent by agent don’t appear on customer side, also escaped on agent side * fixed thumbnail
* Fixed On-Premise: Editor functions not working
* Fixed Page redirects broken element
* Fixed Properly users from a department when deleting a department.
* Fixed REST API wrong sanitization
* Fixed Remove file transfer support for certain filetypes
* Fixed Rename: Chat delay (seconds):
* Fixed Stripslash issue where ‘ adds / infinitely in 17 separate areas in the application
* Fixed Transcripts only contain the last 100 chats of a conversation. => increased to 200
* Fixed VULN: Fixed nearly 100 different possible vulnerabilities.
* Fixed White text in transcripts was there but never visible.
* Fixed a bug where agents were unable to delete missed chats
* Fixed a bug with the ‘Send Message’ offline button styling, did not respect color scheme selection
* Fixed alignment issues with Facebook and Twitter icons
* Fixed all broken translation strings (html inside, spaces, slashed, untrimmed, etc)
* Fixed an agent translation error
* Fixed an issue where a chat ended by 1 agent would not appear ended/finished nor disappear for other logged in agents. Partial workaround for the moment, need full re-design.
* Fixed an issue where periodic websocket messages would sometimes cause ended chats to re-open as ghost chats.
* Fixed an issue where sometimes 2 chat transcripts would be sent at the end of a chat conversation on both onpremise and 3CX Chat server mode.
* Fixed an issue where sometimes a %20 is displayed when the ‘John%20Johnson is typing’ typing indicator was dispayed.
* Fixed an issue where the ‘Guest’ default visitor name wasn’t working. No code was behind this feature. Fixed for both On-Premise and 3CX Chat server mode.
* Fixed an issue where the 30 Day GDPR retention period is always hardcoded and any input by the admin was ignored.
* Fixed an issue with slashes in custom messages
* Fixed an issue with some emoticons are not being parsed
* Fixed an issue with the ‘Agents can set their online status’ tickbox being inverted
* Fixed an issue with the agent texbox becoming grayed out after clicking on yourself in agent chat.
* Fixed broken alignment of Like/Dislike buttons on frontend
* Fixed chat end / restart with empty chat
* Fixed chat icon selection in settings page * chat box
* Fixed chat preview feature * sending chat preview only when enabled
* Fixed chat textarea css
* Fixed checkboxes value with better php code
* Fixed custom agent message is escaped
* Fixed dashboard links
* Fixed dashboard, changed “There is currently: ” to “Current activity: ”
* Fixed default sounds for chat server
* Fixed default sounds for integrated server
* Fixed departments list not appearing * server mode
* Fixed deprecated filter wplc_filter_list_chats_url_params is called
* Fixed get settings for ajax/user.php
* Fixed horizontal scrolllbar always appears in chatbox
* Fixed icon/picture/logo image upload * broken encoding
* Fixed issue with Settings Import where an agent could replace any WordPress option in db
* Fixed issue with missing text in transcripts
* Fixed issues in the Live Chat > Settings > Agents page where the agent boxes would sometimes become disproportionate due to slightly longer than normal agent names.
* Fixed issues related to alignment of the chat box and it’s elements on various wordpress themes.
* Fixed issues related to online/offline statuses with new status management implementation
* Fixed issues related to the alignment of the rating, file upload, emoji buttons in chat.
* Fixed minor issue with function being shown instead of being executed
* Fixed more unparametrized SQL queries
* Fixed node server login count issue. The logged in users count was wrong in certain cases.
* Fixed node_secret_token regeneration bug
* Fixed online/offline button
* Fixed php warning on missing parameter wplc_gdpr_enabled
* Fixed php warnings in wplc_edit_goal_mrg
* Fixed settings_page.php checkbox
* Fixed several css syntax errors
* Fixed some broken translation strings
* Fixed status always forced to true on dashboard reload on premise
* Fixed topbar misaglined with some wordpress themes
* Fixed transcript footer text color
* Fixed unparameterized SQL query wp-live-chat-support.php line 2771
* Fixed user top bar behaviour and layout
* Fixed user top bar tagline for onpremise config
* Fixed warning in wplc_roi.php
* Fixed warning unserialize failed in php error logs
* Fixed warnings in wplc_departments.php
* Fixed wplc_new_chat_ringer_count for both on-premise and 3CX chat server modes.
* Fixes to customer chat UI ( Icons, Positioning, Formating etc)
* Force to boolean wrong saved string parameters
* Force to integer wrong saved string parameters
* Forced wplc_newtheme to ‘theme-2’
* Fourth batch wp_localize_script fixed
* Function wplc_first_run_check now empty, removing
* Functions.php line 16, ‘user_agent’ => $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] added sanitize_text_field()
* GDPR Label renamed to “GDPR Control”
* GRPR page styling fixes
* Hide roi reports tab for chat server due to issues related to functionality of
* Improved preformatted tag handling inside html renderer
* Improved settings wrapper with auto defaults
* In On-Premise mode, the ‘Enable Typing Preview’ feature is no longer available due to technical limitations.
* Invert option for enabling/disabling ‘Initiate Chat’ button
* Known issue: “Triggers > Scroll trigger” has up to 25% scroll drift.
* Lots of styling and broken CSS fixes
* Merged WPLC_ACBC_SETTINGS parameters into WPLC_SETTINGS with settings migration on activation (WPLC_ACBC_SETTINGS is deleted)
* Minor adjustments to the function which regenerates node token
* Minor fix in tooltip of “Display Typing Indicator” under Settings -> Chat Box
* Minor security improvement in GDPR area.
* Minor text change in ROI Reports
* More improvements to agent status * wplc_auto_online forces all agents to be online AND update status in wp options properly
* Moved parsing functions to wplc_common_node.js
* Moved the node token regenerate functionality via ajax
* New empty .po files for translations. Most text in the application has changed dramatically. An initial batch of translations will be provided. Further languages to be added by end users interested in translating.
* New function wplc_node_server_token_get() returns node_token and regenerates if needed
* Partial fix for broken REST API auth
* Partially fix for page redirect url formatting
* Partially updated Italian translation
* ROI GOals * Renamed Edit Goal
* ROI Goals * Renamed Close button
* Re-fixed top box chat icon overflow
* Readded wplc_check_file_mime_type for file uploads with enhancements * more secure
* Rebranding related changes
* Reduced agent chat UI refresh timer from 30 to 5 seconds
* Refactored variables and files to include the ‘tcx’ prefix where needed
* Reformatted wplc_u_admin_chat.js
* Reformatted wplc_u_events.js
* Removed “enabled on mobile devices” feature and related code as mobile apps are deprecated
* Removed ‘Enable Typing Preview’ in On-Premise mode. Allowed only for chat server mode.
* Removed Buttons from Chat History page when in on-premise mode
* Removed CSS from translations
* Removed Chat box from Chat History page when in on-premise mode
* Removed Gif Integration as there was no underlying code or functionality behind this. This was already properly handled by modern browsers.
* Removed Google Analytics integration as it was poorly implemented. To re-add in the future.
* Removed IP resolver in history/missed chats/offline chats and related code
* Removed REST API TEST UI from the settings page as it was broken and not useful
* Removed Voice Notes, Google Analytics Integration & Functionality of
* Removed a lot of dead, unused and conflicting code
* Removed all duplicated and useless parsing functions
* Removed all duplicated translations strings, moved to $wplc_default_settings_array
* Removed bio / social fields
* Removed bio/social media configurations
* Removed certain unnecessary file extension black list checks and mime types checks
* Removed code related to Document Suggestion
* Removed custom fields * redirect to plugin contact form ready
* Removed dead reference to WPLC_ACBC_SETTINGS
* Removed debug console logs
* Removed deprecated wplc_display_name
* Removed duplicate /audio directory with default sounds
* Removed duplicate code from agent_node and node
* Removed edit message callbacks and handlers
* Removed extraneous options (Chat History & other labels) from the agent UI
* Removed filter callback that was mangling string parameters
* Removed freshdesk?!? useless parameters WPLC_IC_SETTINGS wplc_ic_enable WPLC_ma_SETTINGS
* Removed harmful js code without sanitization
* Removed internal rest api usage for typing feature, replaced with ajax+nonce for both agents and users
* Removed invalid warnings/notices
* Removed ip address resolver for local server mode
* Removed message editing leftovers causing issues
* Removed notice related to deprecated PRO.
* Removed old broken param cleanup code * deprecated by new validator
* Removed php debug logs
* Removed php debug logs
* Removed rest-api agent upload endpoint from being exposed in front-end as it is only being used by agents.
* Removed restrictions for long poll config
* Removed roi goals menu when chat server is enabled
* Removed the ‘Classic’ theme from the styling section as this was vulnerable, unmanageable and very out of date.
* Removed the ‘Show Events’ from the agent UI and all code related to it.
* Removed unnecessary rest api and endpoints
* Removed unused agent_status.js script
* Removed unused deprecated parameter WPLC_HIDE_CHAT
* Removed unused sleep_between_iterations parameter
* Removed useless message-data tag from chat messages in chatbox (was used by editing function)
* Removed user Event Logging functionality and UI.
* Removed voice notes. Was poorly implemented.
* Removed warnings when theme not set
* Removed wplc_is_pro remains
* Replaced bleep/blop with ping/pong
* Restored feature: Retrieve messages from session storage instead of requesting with rest api
* Restricted referer for site itself only
* Reworked all theme management to have a default
* Reworked default settings management * Now ALL settings have a default
* Rewrite of message all html rendering/parsing/sanitizing
* Rewrote business hours check * was broken
* Rewrote business hours configuration
* Rewrote configuration for chat preview
* Rewrote configuration for sounds
* Rewrote file upload management
* Rewrote load settings function, with converter, sanitizer, defaults management
* Rewrote parameter handling * added sanitizer / type parser
* Rewrote the entire agent Dashboard page. Added basic chat stats such as current visitors, online agents, chat stats, WPLC news and quicklinks.
* Rewrote theme detection and configuration and removed older theme-for-theme fixes.
* Second batch wp_localize_script fixed
* Separated AJAX requests to backend/frontend
* Separated rest api to backend/frontend
* Styling fixes in History and Missed Chats pages
* Surveys “After Chat” set to default
* Surveys have been removed due to issues related to security.
* Switched long poll configuration from microseconds to milliseconds
* Temporary fix for issue with Agents being able to interact with visitors outside business hours in Cloud Server mode
* Third batch wp_localize_script fixed
* Translations update
* Unhandled empty settings in many places * added load settings wrapper function everywhere wplc_get_options()
* Updated old/broken links
* Updated translation files