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WP App Studio is the #1 Visual Development Tool for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, views, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

WP App Studio allows you to build advanced sites in the form of WordPress plugins without writing a single line of PHP code.

WP App Studio Plugin is the tool you use to design your plugin and send it for code generation. Create your own plugin and move on.

What separates WP App Studio from others

  • WPAS creates custom plugins that do not have any dependencies to any other plugins, frameworks, can work stand-alone or extend each other
  • WPAS supports both HTML elements and advanced components from well-known open source libraries and frameworks (jQuery UI, Bootstrap etc.)
  • There is a complete separation of PHP code and its design which makes WPAS plugins code agnostic
  • You can purchase plugin designs and create something new or modify them to make your own
  • All WPAS plugins are upgradable like any other WordPress plugin from Plugins page
  • WPAS is very cost-effective. Compare it to custom site or plugin development in terms of resources used and time to market
  • WPAS generated code is compliant with WordPress coding standards, well tested by thousands of users, and continuously improved

WPAS Terms

WP App Studio uses following terminology to describe design concepts:

Entity = Custom Post Type
Attribute = Custom Field
Taxonomy = Custom Taxonomy
App = Plugin
App Signature = Design of your plugin exported to a flat file having .wpas extension
ProDev = Commercial tier for plugin development with full functionality.
FreeDev = Free tier for plugin development with limited functionality.

Watch FreeDev API video and see how WP App Studio can quicken WordPress Development.

For more info go to [FAQ page] (https://emdplugins.com/frequently-asked-questions-wpas-faq/)

Quick Start:

  1. Download this plugin and checkout the preinstalled demo app.
  2. Design your plugin: (Pick and choose from below based on your needs)
    • Create custom post types (entities) with full WordPress API support and more
    • Create custom fields (entity attributes) using 35 different types with advanced validations
    • Advanced filtering capability for created custom post types (entities)
    • Create custom comments attached to your post types(entities): Separates comments to your post types in a different menu so they are not mixed with other WP comments.
    • Create single or multiple select custom taxonomies with full WordPress API support and more
    • Preload taxonomy and custom field default values upon plugin activation
    • Visually bulk import/export custom post type fields and taxonomy content after plugin generation
    • Create one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between your custom post types (entities)
    • Create sidebar and admin dashboard widgets
    • Create help screens for your custom post type (entity) and custom taxonomy screens
    • Create Twitter Bootstrap or jQuery UI based responsive forms with advanced components
    • Create responsive custom content views for your custom post types: Single, Archive, Taxonomy, Search Results, etc
    • Create advanced charts using Google Visualization API
    • Create Datagrids using jQuery DataTables supporting many features
    • Combine multiple views and charts to create an integration view such as frontend pages or dashboards
    • Create custom email notifications based on any event supported by WordPress API
    • Limit content access based on custom user roles and capabilities
    • Create a custom dashboard page including many types views and admin widgets
    • Automate creating pages for your shortcodes
    • Create advanced conditional logic for hidding and showing attributes, taxonomies, and relationships.
    • Add custom admin notices to communicate with your users such as documentation page links and campaign offers
    • Use summary function such as average, count, sum, etc. of your custom post type field and taxonomy values
    • Use Visual Shortcode Builder on Page content editor toolbar to display sections of your content on the frontend
    • Modify WordPress Admin area such as footer, login screen, navigation menus, system mail and many more
    • Use ever-expanding WPAS extensions to connect external platforms and libraries
    • All WPAS generated plugins are fully translatable
    • Create advanced plugins like Software Issue Manager - Enterprise Edition
    • and more
  3. Select your license type
  4. Use your activation email to send your app signature for generation.
  5. After your app is generated, download and activate your plugin.
  6. Enjoy your own plugin and update as long as you need for one year.
  7. 1 year free support for bug reports, feature requests or platform tips.

Detailed Comparison of Features: FreeDev vs. ProDev

Watch AUTOBAHN Intoduction Video

WPAS Plugins
Checkout the WP App Studio designed and developed plugins in our store
WPAS Designs
Use WP App Studio plugin designs as a template
*To customize the functionality of their corresponding plugins
*To create your own plugin


Extensive documentation with step by step instructions is available on WPAS site.


Following extensions are sold separately. Create a connection in WP App Studio to use them in your ProDev plugins.
* Incoming Email extension to pull email content including attachments to your entities.
* Inline Entity extension to allow users to insert content of another entity into your primary entity. Categorize and tag your inline entities with inline taxonomies. See screenshot.

How does it work?

WP App Studio(WPAS) is a cost-effective REST API based Visual WordPress Design Development Platform offered as a service(PaaS). Use WP App Studio plugin to interact with the platform; all interactions are done through HTTPS using XML text.

Custom Plugin Development

If you need a custom app to be developed from scratch or require one of our professional/enterprise apps to be modified based on your own requirements, we offer consulting services.

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Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.0
Last Updated: 2015-7-9
Active Installs: 600+


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