• I had this plugin on my bookmarks for years… Finally I landed a project to test it out. I thought the project and WPAS were going to be a piece of cake. It kind of was but it took longer than I spected…

    WPAS is a very complete suite for creating complete control / collaboration solutions. There’s always a learning curve but you get examples, docs and something I’ve abused even having Pro-Dev: support.

    I’m listing some suggestions for anyone who’s interested in using WPAS:

    • Have a separate WP Install for working on your app design (where WPAS will be installed)
    • Working with themes and other plugins adds difficulty. Go easy on other plugins and there’s a theme by EMD you can use (can’t find it at the moment, google it!)
    • Complicated data structures may be difficult to migrate, make sure you format your files correctly
    • You need to understand you’ll be sending your design to WPAS/EMD servers to -generate- your plugin which takes 3 to 5 minutes every time.
    • You may design large apps but if you’re just starting with WPAS (or moreover, you’re new to app design) keep it simple and small and go one step at the time

    I strongly recommend WPAS for non-mission-critical applications/solutions for small business or group of users to control/share/manage document centered processes… like office automation apps: inquiries, registration, resource sharing (like meeting rooms), errands, vacations, hiring, contracts or events.

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