Woopra Analytics Plugin


Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application.

Features include:

  • Know who’s on your website in real-time
  • Build a behavioral profile for every visitor and member
  • A rich user interface and client monitoring application
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Retention Analytics
  • Visitor and member tagging
  • Real-time notifications
  • Easy Installation and Update Notification

Fully supports WooCommerce out of the box.


These installation instructions assume you have an active account established on Woopra.com. If not, please visit the site and sign up for service.

Using the manual method:

  1. Extract the Woopra.zip file to a location on your local machine
  2. Upload the woopra folder and all contents into the /plugins/ directory

Using the automatic method:

  1. Click on ‘Download’ or ‘Upgrade’
  2. Wait for WordPress to acknowledge that it is on your system and ready to activate.

After step 2 (of either method):

  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  2. Make sure the status is On in the Woopra settings page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for the WordPress Plugin to work, your WordPress theme must have the following code immediately before the element in the header.php file:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

Without this function, the Woopra application will fail to track users who visit your site.

For more detailed installation instructions refer to: http://www.woopra.com/docs/tracking/

For more support refer to: http://support.woopra.com/


Q. What is Woopra?
A. Woopra is Customer Analytics company. Learn more about Woopra at http://www.woopra.com

Q. How to setup Woopra for WordPress?
A. Simply install the Woopra plugin and activate it. You’ll start watching visitors instantly.

Q. My Woopra plugin is not working.
A. Make sure that the plugin is active. If it’s active and the code is not showing up on your pages (between and ), make sure your theme supports/contains the <?php wp_head(); ?> hook.


Poor customer support – not updated in years, needs updating

Not only has this not been tested with latest versions of wordpress, it also has not been updated for a long time (2 YEARS!). It needs updating to be compatible with php 7 as I get the error:

FILE: /home30/nemdorev/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woopra/woopra.php
159 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0

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Contributors & Developers

“Woopra Analytics Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.7.1 (06-23-15)

  • [FIX] WooCommerce events
  • [FIX] Limit Article View to blog posts only (exclude custom post types)

2.7 (05-22-15)

  • [NEW] Add download tracking option
  • [NEW] Add outgoing link tracking option
  • [NEW] Add Woopra logo asset file

2.6.2 (08-26-14)

  • [FIX] Fix search event name (wp search)

2.6.1 (08-26-14)

  • [UPDATE] Add more comment properties

2.6 (08-25-14)

  • [NEW] Add “Article View” event (author, category, post time, permalink & title)
  • [UPDATE] Better WooCommerce event tracking support

2.5.3 (02-18-14)

  • [FIX] Fix setup URL in WordPress plugin
  • [FIX] Stop setting the cookie automatically from the back-end
  • [UPDATE] Other Plugin Dashboard Layout & Links Changes
  • [NEW] WooCommerce Support

2.5.2 (12-23-13)

  • [FIX] Fix tracking admins on non admin pages

2.5.1 (12-13-13)

  • [UPDATE] Add identify user on comment
  • [UPDATE] Fix admin UI for the new version of WordPress

2.5 (12-11-13)

  • [NEW] Add signup tracking

2.4 (11-12-13)

  • [FIX] Fix bugs
  • [UPDATE] Replace subdomain option with Track As

2.3.3 (11-11-13)

  • [UPDATE] Update woopra php SDK

2.3 (10-04-13)

  • [FIX] Fixed hide campaign option

2.2 (09-27-13)

  • [UPDATE] Update tracking to use the new Woopra PHP SDK
  • [CHANGE] Removed old analytics reports unused files

2.0 (08-23-13)

  • [CHANGE] Update tracking code to version 4

1.7 (07-04-12)

  • [NEW] Added a new property to allow you to track subdomains as main domains.
  • [BUG] Fixed comments tracking
  • [BUG] Fixed internal search tracking

1.6.1 (12-12-11)

  • [FIXED] Fixed the addVisitorProperty when adding an avatar property.

1.6 (12-08-11)

  • [CHANGE] Removed the old Analytics which is no longer compatible with the new API
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Woopra Javascript Code
  • [CHANGE] Move the Woopra code from the footer to the header for better tracking results
  • [NEW] Added a link to the Woopra Live App on the Woopra settings page (12-08-10)

  • [BUG] Fixed a problem with search values getting returned by reference (affects search query events) (12-08-10)

  • [NEW] Added Asynchronous Javascript Support
  • [BUG] Fixed compatibility issues with php 5.3
  • [BUG] Fixed problems with search and comment events (07-30-10)

  • [BUG] Fixed Author and Category Tracking ompatibility issues with custom themes.
  • [BUG] Fixed help link

1.4.7 (07-29-10)

  • [NEW] Added Author and Category Tracking

1.4.6 (06-27-10)

  • [BUG] Fixed another issue with setIdleTimeout
  • [BUG] Fixed a division by 0 issue
  • [NEW] Added a few comments on some errors and how to resolve them

1.4.5 (06-25-10)

  • [NEW] Added support for Curl in case fopen is disabled on server.
  • [BUG] Fixed setIdleTimeout javascript code
  • [BUG] Fixed API Url, all requests for analytics should now be working
  • [CHANGE] Added event name to javascript tracking code
  • [CHANGE] Added extra error checks and handling code (12-21-09)

  • [SECRUITY UPDATE] Removed ‘ofc_upload_image.php’ from the Open Flash Directory. Remove this file if you do upgrading manually.
  • [SVN CHANGE] Made a 1.4 branch and moved ‘trunk’ to the new development version of ‘1.5.x’ (10-15-09)

  • [ADDED] New Visitor Percentage
  • [REMOVED] Removed check ‘Site not part of…’.

1.4.3 (10-12-09)

  • [NEW] Adding Error Handling Code
  • [ACTIVATED] Uncommented code for events to work now! (Posting Comment, Searching)
  • [BUG] Javascript for the Frontend again is updated to work with the new Woopra.js master file.
  • [BUG] Fixed ‘Site not part of…’. In most cases the XML data returned was not being interpreted correctly.
  • [CHANGE] Events code re-written from scratch.
  • [CHANGE] No more dropdown for the ‘Timeout’ feild. This value must be a whole number. Numbers will round down to the lower number if it’s set a fraction. Setting it to ‘0’ (Zero) will remove the override timeout.

1.4.2 (08-24-09)

  • [NEW] New SuperTab – Tagged Visitors – You can aggregate by name. More options to come in the future.
  • [NEW] New Option – Auto Timeout – Up to 600 seconds (Default) for manually setting the timeout.
  • [CHANGE] Changed to the new javascript convention. No change it what is outputed. (07-23-09)

  • [BUG] “Parse error: parse error in \woopra\inc\chart.php on line 130”: Reverted back to 4.3.0 format.
  • [BUG] “Parse error: parse error, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION’ orT_FUNCTION’ or T_VAR’ or’}” in \plugins\woopra\inc\chart.php on line 194″: Moved array values into a global var in the class.
  • [BUG] Forgot hook_action name for toplevel support.
  • [BUG] Removed index.html files from both the 1.4.1 tag and trunk. Was causing errors during automatic upgrade.
  • [BUG] Ignoring admin visits fixed.
  • [BUG] Detection in admin section is now being set correctly.
  • [BUG] Removed all PHP 5 stuff. 🙁
  • [BUG] Fixed Referrers Subsections: Regular Referrers, Search Engines, Emails, Social Bookmarks, and Social Networks when trying to expand to view the charts now works.
  • [BUG] API Key now transfers correctly.

1.4.1 (07-20-09)

  • [NEW] Woopra moved into a ‘php class’ format
  • [NEW] Woopra event tracking made more universal. Moved to the ‘wp’ hook for tracking
  • [NEW] Woopra settings moved into a single varabile
  • [NEW] XML-API version 2.1 being used.
  • [NEW] jQuery used for Datepicker: ui.datepicker.js
  • [UPGRADE] Woopra now requires at least WordPress 2.7.x
  • [UPGRADE] All functions are now documented
  • [UPGRADE] Open-Flash-Charts Version 2
  • [BUG] Woopra can now operate out of any directory. Doesn’t matter the location.