WooCommerce Discount Rules


WooCommerce discount rules helps you to create any type of bulk discounts, dynamic pricing and advanced discount rules in your WooCommerce store. Offer Product quantity based discounts, cart based discounts at a percentage or fixed amount or Buy One and Get one free (BOGO) deals. Increase your sales multifold by offering dynamic pricing and discounts based on Categories, user roles, Cart items and much more.

Now you can set Bulk Discounts for each Product Variation, Bulk Discounts for different user roles.

Discounts will be visible in product Page, product details page, cart and in email invoices.

Display the pricing discount table beautifully on the product page. Start selling more and retain customers by running promotions with the best dynamic pricing and discount plugin for WooCommerce.

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  • Percentage based discounts in WooCommerce
  • Price based discounts
  • Product based discounts
  • Dynamic pricing and discounts in WooCommerce
  • Option to set discounts for each variant
  • Buy One and Get One Free discounts in WooCommerce (BOGO Deals)
  • Cart discounts in WooCommerce
  • User role based dynamic pricing and discounts for your WooCommerce store
  • Dependant product based discounts (Buy Product A and get discount on Product B)
  • Option to set discount for each product variant.
  • Option to set Discount for All Products or Global Discount
  • Display or hide the Discount table in Product Page
  • Option to show or hide the discounted price
  • Multiple Discount rules can be created
  • Set Discount expiry date
  • Priority support for PRO version


Category Discount Rules:

  • Buy T-shirts from Category Apparel and save 10% – Video
  • Get 30% off on Category A & Category B
  • Purchase any 6 items from Category A and get 25% discount on total cart value.
  • Purchase 1 product from Category A, 2 Products from Category B and get 20% discount valid from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy

Product Variant Discounts:

  • Get 50% off on Nike T-shirts Small and Large Sizes
  • Buy a Small Size Tee and get a small Size shorts free
  • You can customise the Variants discounts in several combinations

Product Dependant rule:

  • Buy Product A and get 50% discount in Product B
  • Buy 2 quantities of Product A, 2 quantities of Product and get 30% discount in Product C
  • Buy 3 quantities of Product A and get flat $10 off in product B
  • Buy a Mobile and get 20% off on headphone

BOGO deals:

  • Buy one and get one free of the same product
  • Buy X get Y product free Eg: Buy 3 product and get a pendrive free
  • Buy Any 2 items from Category X, and get a Product free from Category B

Cart Discount Rules:

  • Add two to six products in cart and get flat $30 discount.
  • 10% discount for all retailers (User Role specific discount)
  • All orders above $500 will get 15% discount – Video
  • Buy 5 products and get 10% discount – Video

Product Specific Discount

  • Shoes get 20% discount, T-Shirts get 5% discount
  • Adidas Special Edition Shoe (A specific product) gets 15% discount for 10 days
  • Buy 10 mugs are more and get 5% off – Video

User Role based Discount

  • Bulk discount based on user role for specific product or product categories.
  • Members of Wholesale customers group gets 40% discount, while Retail customers get 5% discount

Global Discount Storewide

  • 20% discount on all items in the store till December 25 – Video
  • All Products get 10% discount

Shipping Address Based Discount

  • Flat 25% discount at Cart for Customers from New York
  • Customers from California get 10% discount while those from Texas get 5%

Adjustment rules

  • Category specific discount on product price
  • Date and Time based discount on product price
  • Item Quantity based discount on product price
  • Cart subtotal range based discount on cart total
  • Number of
  • Total Sum of Item quantities
  • Shipping address based discount rule
  • Discount based on First Product

Conditions based on

Conditions can be based products, categories, customers, customer roles, shipping location and more.

  • All products
  • Customer purchase history
  • Specific products / Selected products
  • All categories
  • Selected categories
  • All customers
  • Selected customers
  • All customer roles
  • Selected customer roles
  • All Shipping locations
  • Selected shipping locations

Rules apply based on

  • Products
  • Line
  • Cart subtotal
  • Line item quantity
  • Total cart quantity

PRO version

PRO only features

  • Fixed price discount for Quantity based discount conditions ( Get $9 discount for purchasing over 6 items)
  • Category specific discount conditions ( Get 25 % off on all items under Summer Collection )
  • Applying multiple discount rules in a purchase (Get 5% for order above $500 and 10 % for buying more than 6 items)
  • Cart discounts by sum of item quantities in cart (Order more than 10 items from any category and get 15 % discount)
  • Cart discounts by selected customers (John gets 25% life time discount. Ellen gets 10 % limited period offer)
  • Cart discounts by fixed price discounts (Flat $50 discount for all orders today)
  • Product dependant Rules – Buy Product A, get 10% off on Product B
  • Buy 3 units of Product A and get flat $25 discount
  • Add 3 products to the cart and get the Cheapest Item free
  • Buy any 2 products from Specific category and get a Product Free from Category B
  • Buy Product A and Product B from Category Electronics and get a free product from category Accessories
  • Buy any Product from Category Mobile and choose a free product from Category Hard Cases
  • Option to offer free products only from certain category






  • Woo Discount Rules menu
  • Price rules and Cart rules
  • Creating a price rule
  • Example Promotion Offers created using Woo Discount rules
  • Discounted price is applied in the Cart


Just use the WordPress installer or upload to the /wp-content/plugins folder. Then Activate the WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer plugin.
More information could be found in the documentation

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.4.1 or greater
  • WooCommerce 2.6.1 or greater
  • PHP version 5.5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater


Installation Instructions

Just use the WordPress installer or upload to the /wp-content/plugins folder. Then Activate the WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer plugin.
More information could be found in the documentation

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.4.1 or greater
  • WooCommerce 2.6.1 or greater
  • PHP version 5.5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
Are multiple discounts possible ? What is the limit for the number of rules ?

Yes. It is possible to create multiple discount and you can setup any number of discount rules in your store.

Are the discounts visible in Product page ?

Yes. The discount will be displayed in Product page, product details page, cart striking out the Original price.

Will the discount be showed in the invoice ?

Yes. The discount will be displayed separately in the invoice.

Will the discount be applied to Product Variants ?

Yes. The discount will be applied to Product Variants as well. If you have two variants for an Iphone such as 64GB and 128GB, the discount will be applicable for both the variants.

Is it possible to apply discount based on User roles ?

Yes. You can apply discount for different user levels. Eg: Premium customers get 20% discount while first time customers gets 10% discount.

How to set Bulk Discount ?

You can specify the Maximum and minimum quantity for the discount to be applied.
* Quantity 1 – 5 = $10 Discount or 10% discount
* Quantity 5 – 10 = $15 Discount or 15% discount

Can I set a global discount for all products ?

Yes. You can set discount for all products at global level.

Is it possible to provide Bogo deals ?

Yes. You can provide buy 1 get 1 offers in your store.

If I have one or more rules for the same product, which will be applied ?

In that case, the rule with the higher priority will be applied.

What happens after my license expires ?

You can continue using WooDiscount rule plugin in your site. However you won’t be able to receive the Updates and priority support.

What is your refund Policy?

We do have a 30-days money back guarantee. If our plugin doesn’t meet your requirements, we can issue a full refund. No compromise in that.

Can I set discount based on Billing Country and City ?

Yes. It is possible to set discount rule based on the Customer city. Eg:Customers from Texas gets 15% discount. The discount will be applied at the cart level.

How to setup BOGO (Buy ONE get ONE) deals ?

Under WooDiscount Rules,
General – Price Discount Rule -> Add new rule -> Enter Priority, Rule Name -> Next
Condition – Apply to -> Select the Product -> Select Customers -> Next
Discount – Enter minimum & Maximum quantity -> Adjustment Type -> Product Discount -> Value (Free products to be added) -> Save Rule


Amazing support and simple to use

Thank you so much to the developers of this plugin for taking the time to understand my issue and help me through it. Does what it says it does and while there are some things that could be added that would make a a 6 out of 5 stars, it’s pretty magical as it is.

Awesome stuff!

Excellent Customer Service

Had some additional requirements needed for how the discounts displayed, and the guys were very helpful and added the new functionality within a couple of days.
Great customer service!

Amazing plugin and support

For a client I needed to look after a highly adaptive discount plugin and I found this one. I´ve bought the pro version and in my opinion it´s the best plugin on the market right now. It has a lot of features and customization possibilities. The support reacts fast and is very friendly and willingly to help you. Keep up this great work!

Quick and Responisve

They were able to sort out my issue really really fast! and worked first time! I have worked a lot with all different supports and this is one of the best. Great job guys. The plugin is simple and easy to understand and that is the biggest issue i find with plugins on wordpress.

Outstanding Plugin & Support

Recently installed this plugin on a massive woocommerce store with 5k products and hundreds of categories/subs and the discount rules are working perfectly. The support has been phenomenal AND fast (especially with regards to adding features in future updates). Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to boost orders by manipulating product discounts. Thanks again!

Finally – a great, easy to use Woo discount plugin!

I was after what I thought was a simple addition. To add a percentage, storewide discount for 3 items or more. I tried several plugins that were all either bloated, way too sophisticated, required a premium version or just plain didn’t work. Finally, I came across this one and it worked great! Had it set up in less than a couple minutes and it worked like a charm. Easy to use, lightweight and it seems to play well with a plethora of plugins I already have on this particular site. Well done and a sincere THANK YOU for this plugin!

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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Discount Rules” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.4.32 – 11/12/17

  • Feature – Based on user role for Price rules(Pro)
  • Fix – Product based: display the rule table for get product too

1.4.31 – 07/12/17

  • Fix – Content update for better clarification
  • Fix – Product based: buy each product applied even 1 product matches

1.4.30 – 05/12/17

  • Feature – Apply rule for variant products

1.4.29 – 01/12/17

  • Fix – Cart price strike out even discount not applied in some case

1.4.28 – 24/11/17

  • Fix – Buy any 3 from category (cumulative) and get 1 free
  • Feature – Buy any 3 from any selected product and get 1 cheapest product from selected list (pro)

1.4.27 – 24/11/17

  • Fix – Category based rule not applying rule for variant product in cart
  • Feature – Search option in Select box for product and categories
  • Feature – Product based rule for pro version

1.4.26 – 20/11/17

  • Fix – Error occurred in Woocommerce 2.x

1.4.25 – 17/11/17

  • Fix – Error occurred in Woocommerce product list PRO

1.4.24 – 13/11/17

  • Feature – Show discount price in product page
  • Feature – Discount based on Purchase history for pro version

1.4.23 – 07/11/17

  • Fix – Notices occur while having pricing rules based on categories due to woocommerce 3.x
  • Fix – Removed percentage symbol for fixed pricing discount in pricing table

1.4.22 – 25/10/17

  • Fix – Based on category in cart rules: Calculating subtotal while having multiple categories for same product

1.4.21 – 16/10/17

  • Fix – Based on category in cart rules: Apply discount only for the subtotal of selected category products

1.4.20 – 13/10/17

  • Feature – Based on category in cart rules for pro version

1.4.19 – 04/10/17

  • Feature – Buy one/more and get one/more free product for pro version

1.4.18 – 12/09/17

  • Fix – OWl Carousel compatibility issue

1.4.17 – 07/09/17

  • Fix – Cart rule based on billing city for pro version

1.4.16 – 21/08/17

  • Fix – WooCommerce Products Carousel all in one compatibility issue

1.4.15 – 25/07/17

  • Fix – List all rules(unlimited) for pro version

1.4.14 – 18/07/17

  • Fix – Rules limit issue

1.4.13 – 15/06/17

  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility added

1.4.12 – 03/05/17

  • Fix – PHP 5.3 compatible issue

1.4.11 – 11/04/17

  • Fix – Warning in pricing table

1.4.10 – 10/04/17

  • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility added

1.4.1 – 12/01/17

  • Fix – saving price range in price rule condition

1.4.0 – 26/10/16

  • PHP 5.3 compatibility added