WooCommerce Better Usability


Provides overall improvements of the user experience when buying products in a WooCommerce based store. The areas of that the improvements was included are: Shop, Product, Cart and Checkout.

Free version features:

  • Auto refresh the price totals on cart page when quantity changes using AJAX
  • Show “-” and “+” buttons around the quantity field
  • Show confirmation before user changes quantity to zero
  • Go to checkout directly instead of cart page (simplified buy process)
  • Allow to delete or change quantity on checkout page
  • Allow to change product quantity direct on shop page
  • Allow to add to cart AJAX on product page (like on shop)
  • Ability to override various default things of WooCommerce
  • Hide quantity fields on Product and Cart pages

PRO version features:

  • Update price automatically in Product pages, like on cart view demo
  • Change product variations directly in Shop page, meaning less clicks to buy view demo
  • Change product quantities in Shop page, automatically synchronizing with MiniCart widget view demo
  • Make AJAX requests to delete product on checkout page, without full page reload view demo
  • Make [woocommerce_cart] shortcode works inside shop page view demo
  • Synchronize products automatically with cart when change quantity view demo
  • Display quantity buttons (+/-) on Product, Checkout and Mini-Cart widget view demo
  • Enable AJAX add to cart button for variable products in Product pages

View PRO version live demonstration clicking here.
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  • Add to cart on Shop
  • Cart configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Shop configuration


  1. Upload woo-better-usability.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It’s done. Now you can go to the Settings to customize what you want


Efective plugin, nice support

It's the best plugin I've found that allows customer to change the quantities to add cart. The developer works hard on it and there are constant updates of it, and fix anything you detect and report in the forum,

Amazing plugin + Amazing Support!

5 stars! I purchased the Pro version and I am so happy with all the great features it has. There was an issue with another pricing plugin that I was using but the developer quickly worked on fixing the conflict issue for me. So happy with the quick and effective support I received.

Awesome plugin, and even more awesome support! Updated for 3rd party compat…

(disclaimer: I'm using the pro version) As other reviewers have mentioned, the developer of this plugin is AWESOME to work with if you need support. I love this plugin for several features, especially the "hide message" features (previously I needed custom CSS to do this which didn't always work) and the ajax realtime price display on product pages. It also works well with my Divi themed website. I'm also using a 3rd party plugin by a different developer that automatically applies discounts to products based on quantity. When I found out that this price display feature in Woo Better Usability Pro wasn't showing the discounted price in real-time on product pages whenever the product quantity was incrementally updated, I contacted the developer in hopes that this would be an "easy fix" and I didn't expect much if it was going to be complicated. The developer was extremely fast and professional in his response. He wrote custom code to his plugin to make it compatible with my other discounts plugin. This is definitely one of the best support experiences I've ever had with a plugin developer! Thank you! The "Always enqueue assets for better compatibility (eg. custom product pages)" feature was also very useful on my Divi themed website and allowed the "hide message" feature to work on pages that weren't standard Woocommerce pages, but still had "Related Products" with add to cart buttons. Clearly, the developer is mindful of compatibility with a variety of plugins and themes. I was able to use a different plugin to manually disable the enqueued assets on the pages that didn't need Woocommerce features so that the code added by this plugin doesn't affect the page loading speed on those pages.

A+++ for excellent support!

I've used both the lite and pro version and both times had issues with the ajax, but the developer was quick to respond and resolve it. His support is top notch! Also, this plugin has a load of features that will save you from downloading other plugins. Before I found this plugin I was going to download 3 separate plugins for product page ajax, cart page ajax, and adding +/- to the quantity fields. I got all 3 plus more in 1 plugin. Well worth $25 a year!

Amazing plugin and support!

Downloaded the plugin for the price update when quantity changes. It was exactly what I needed and I bought the PRO version in order to do the same on the product page. There was a bug though and it didn't work so I contacted the developer and he fixed it and send me the updated version. Amazing support, buy the PRO version if you need any of its features, you won't regret it!
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Better Usability” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed problem when change cart quantity many times (event losing)
  • Added config to fix the layout break problem on cart when enter key is pressed


  • Added configuration to choose ajax cart update method
  • Fixed css load and reduced the size of quantity input on checkout
  • Introduced premium version
  • Minified JS files
  • Added translation file


  • Fixed cart translations label to use woocommerce defaults
  • Make increase quantity button respect max stock value
  • Make increase quantity button respect out of range select value


  • Added price information on checkout product when quantity change allowed
  • Added new feature to enable AJAX add to cart on product page
  • Fixed Go to checkout directly feature that was disabled by mistake
  • Fixed bug lost shipping information when update cart prices


  • Fixed bug on save settings reported by some users
  • Making cart quantity update works also on shop pages


  • Added support for Divi theme on Shop quantity feature
  • Fixed bug with Select quantity on product page that setting value to one instead zero
  • Added option to show quantity as select and show +/- buttons on shop page
  • Making html of quantity buttons more clickable


  • Defined initial value as 1 on select quantity of cart page
  • Enqueueing CSS styles after woocommerce
  • Refactored settings page to works better
  • Added options to hide price range on product page for variable and grouped products
  • Added option to limit globally max quantity value of unitary product


  • Added JS triggers when reload cart quantity for better compatibility
  • Fixed bug that changing data quantity attribute of Add to cart buttons outside product page
  • Making shop related features work on category pages


  • Added option to hide quantity fields on product and cart pages


  • Added option to hide the update cart button
  • Fixed bug when clicking on increase/decrease button on cart using firefox
  • Fixed bug not calling update cart button on woocommerce 3.3.1


  • Updated dreprecated woocommerce function causing error notice on shop
  • Fixed “Go to checkout directly” bug in WooCommerce 3.3.4


  • Avoid throw error when woocommerce not activated
  • Introduced some little new features and minor bugfixes
  • Introduced General tab with better settings organization


  • Added better AJAX support when using custom product pages


  • Changed deprecated function call WC()->cart->get_remove_url() to wc_get_cart_remove_url()
  • Make better compatibility with infinite AJAX scrolls on Shop


  • Added option to ignore the shop quantity change field on front page


  • Fixed bug when working with WPML string translation on checkout
  • Fixed randomic crashing and excessive AJAX requests problems on Shop page
  • Fixed specific cases quantity synchronization problems


  • Added AJAX queue system to avoid request problems
  • Added hook wbu_is_shop_loop to intercept shop pages
  • Prevent quantity duplication in specific cases


  • Added properly internationalization (i18n)
  • Added WC tested up compatibility tag
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities on Shop page


  • Avada theme improvements and bugfixes


  • Making automatic Cart updating text configuration more flexible
  • Testing with new WordPress 5
  • Fixing Update cart button not hiding on Avada theme